Trailer ↠´ Star Power Astrology PDF by ↠´ Suzan Hayden

Trailer ↠´ Star Power Astrology PDF by ↠´ Suzan Hayden Unlike Astrology Guides That Comet Through Our Collective Sights, Then Vanish Into Oblivion, Star Power Astrology Is Destined To Burn On With The Lasting Strength And Brilliance Of A Super Giant Star Based On Nearly Two Decades Of Astrological Readings And Volumes Of Research In The Realm Of Celebrity And Personal Achievement, This Book Answers The Important Questions In Life Or At Least The Questions Lots Of Folks Are Asking Like A Metaphysical Oprah, The Author S Intent Is To Bring Greater Self Awareness To Everyday People With The Help Of The Heavens An Audience As Numbered As The StarsStar Power Astrology Speaks To Those Who Look Inward And Upward In Order To Achieve A Richer Existence Informative And Glib, And A Wee Tad Irreverent, It Is For The Millions Of Astrology Fans Ready To Realize Their Greatest Potential At Work, Home, School, In The Sack, On The Dance Floor, Or Around The Community An Astro Guide With Celebrity AppealFrom The Dalai Lama To David Letterman, Princess Diana, Angelina Jolie And Tom Hanks, Star Power Astrology Explores How Remarkable People Orbit Into The Public Eye And Seemingly Repel The Gravitational Pull Of Everyday Obstacles Such As Stress And ChaosStar Power Astrology Motivates Readers To Gain Life Changing Insights Into Their Own Natural Skills And Abilities By Comparing Their Birth Charts With The Charts Of Luminescent Stars The Astrology Big Boom TheoryWhen Times Are Tough People Turn To Astrology In A Big Way When Stocks Go Down, Interest In Astrology Goes Up When The State Of The Union Is Somber, People Seek Sunshine And Hope From The Heavens They Want To Know Where To Look For A Job And How To Nail The Interview They Want To Avoid Getting Snookered By The Bank Or Their Boyfriend A Gain This Book Delivers The Enlightenment, Empowerment And Self Confidence People Crave In Turbulent Times It Helps Readers Define Not Only What To Go After In Life, But How And When To Go For It Besides All That, Star Power Astrology Is An Exhilarating And Entertaining Escape That S Totally Legal I really enjoyed reading this book, the content and the author s writing style are very impressive and unique much unlike anything I have ever read before I found the book really original and captivating mainly due to how the author profiles famous historical figures, I read about many people that I admire and it really shed some light about their lives and the often difficult situations that they had to overcome I found the book very informative due to it s detailed nature, but the author does a good job of balancing between a pleasurable read and an informative one and I found that the end result flowed nicely and stayed entertaining for me from front to back.
One of the main points that I admire about this book is t Suzan Hayden s Star Power Astrology is definitely a powerful book The book cover alone has this strong pull on me And when I started reading it, it had me glued on each page as if it was talking to me I agree with the other reviewer she had me at magical bouillabaisse too I ve always believed that I am someone meant for greater things Star Power Astrology has opened my eyes to what s beyond my normal thinkingI truly enjoyed Hayden s discussion of the natal chart, with her very easy to follow instructions Everything in the book was an eye opener I also love that she discussed star profiles that she calls astrographies They were enlightening and inspiring, I couldn t put the book down One last thing I lov

Suzan Hayden

Trailer ↠´ Star Power Astrology PDF by ↠´ Suzan Hayden Astrologer, speaker, life coach, employee counselor, and author Suzan Hayden has worked with astrology for over 23 years Born in Chicago, Suzans began her career as a classical singer, studying and performing in London and Austria However, an astrology reading in Ireland changed the course of her life After the reading, she studied astrology for three years and then became an astrologer