Download Epub Format À Storm Glass PDF by ¶ Maria V. Snyder

Download Epub Format À Storm Glass PDF by ¶ Maria V. Snyder 3.
5 stars I would recommend reading the Study series first since Storm Glass takes place a few years after book three.
It s going to be a short review y all.
Well if you ve read the Study series by Maria V Snyder you ll probably know who this series is about If not, this series is about a character called Opal Cowan She s a magician as well as a glass maker After using her magic to help the famous Yelena save Sitia she s titled the Glass Magician Someone has sabotaged the Stormdancer clan s glass orbs and they require Opal unique talents to make sure it doesn t happen again But on her journey she s faced with threats and discoveries that could be the end of her.
I ll say it now I m Yelena Study series biased I got to know her story first and Opal wasn t Will Maria Snyder ever stop letting her MCs get kidnapped and or tortured on an almost weekly basis Probably not The Glass series plays in the same world as the Study series and even involves some of the same characters But there are key differences between the two series that I m still discovering 1 As an MC, Opal has a very different personality than Yelena s At the beginning of Storm Glass, she is insecure, whiny, and easily cowed nothing like strong Yelena who hits the ground running in Poison Study However Opal demonstrates some remarkable growth as the book progresses and realizes her flaws, even takes steps to correct them 2 There are so many choices of love interests I was very happy with just Valek for Yelena, but Opal has three men after her We ve got Ulrick Essentially everything I wouldn t want in a man, and yet My fantasy cravings are off the charts right now So a Maria V Snyder book seems only fitting.
I ve read just now that I have to finish the Study series first before reading this series But I m still gonna read this Ha Why not I M A REBEL POST READING4 STARSThis was a very fast paced and action packed read I liked the first half better because our MC, Opal, wasn t torn from her feelings on any guy which was a surprise for me because, normally, I would already ship the main female character to the first swoon worthy guy introduced and plan their wedding in my head like I did with Snyder s other books That s the normal me but in this book I feel like the romance was unnecessary.
To say that I was not a big fan of the romance w The piece s core glowed as if lit by an inner fire.
My one magical trick the ability to insert a thread of magic inside the glass statueThis was an entertaining YA fantasy, and I really liked Opal.
Opal was a lovely character, she cared for other people, she didn t boast about her magic, and she did what she could, even when she felt vastly underpowered compared to the other magic users around her It couldn t have been easy for her to have been known as a one trick pony so it was good that she finally found something she was good at The storyline in this revolved around Opal and her glass making skills, as well as the magic that she possessed when it came to glass I found the storyline about the fake diamonds a little odd, but overall I liked the story.
There was a little bit of romance, although that had a bit of a sting in its tail towards the end The ending to the story was proba I enjoyed this book a lot It was nice to see a fantasy heroine not using her magical brawn all over the place, instead being a craftsman The book had a slightly Young Adult feel to it, dunno if that was intended, a little soft so to speak Not a bad thing, just tone wise EDIT Was corrected, this IS a Young Adult book, so there ya go I msmart If you liked Graceling you ll really like this book, both enjoyable I LOVED Poison Study, it s one of my fave Vaginal Fantasy books out there, so this author is a must read for me Not quite as in love with THIS book as PS, but definitely will pick up the next to see what Opal has in store for her

Poison Study was such a great book that I almost feel guilty for feeling like the quality of the books has gone down with each sequel It doesn t help that the protagonist of this new series isn t that interesting Yelena had such a spark to her that I expected Opal to have a real personality Unfortunately, she was just kind of a null She dithers She questions herself She makes poor decisions Worst of all, she never really grows as a person her magical abilities increase, but her true self is never revealed I realize this is the start of a series, but when I don t care about what happens to the character in the first book, chances are poor that I ll continue all the way to the end.
To top it off, I really didn t understand what was happening in a lot of the scenes She s in the glass, she s through the glass, she s all over the place I felt lost in t 3.
5 MAGICAL STARSThere is a reason for everything You might not be able to figure it out, and time might have made us all forget it, but the reason is there all the sameI have to say I was a little disappointed by this one, when comparing it to Maria V Snyder s previous Study series That I strongly advise you to read before starting this one It s not that I disliked Opal, but I just missed my badass Yelena and Valek I m hoping that Opal will growof a backbone in the next books Kaden is my bae though Overall this was an enjoyable book and I ll definitely be reading the sequels 2.
7 5 StarsEveryone grieves in different ways For some, it could take longer or shorter I do know it never disappears An ember still smolders inside me Most days, I don t notice it, but, out of the blue, it ll flare to lifeThis trilogy is about Opal, who appeared in Fire Study and helped Yelena imprison Fire Warpers in glass prisons and thus saved Sitia She s glass maker and magician, but she can work her magic just through glass She s a Glass MagicianThe piece s core glowed as if lit by an inner fire.
My one magical trick the ability to insert a thread of magic inside the glass statue Five years after her abduction and sister s death, Opal feels detached from everyone but her family She s insecure, has low self esteem and is constantly underestimated because of her youth appearance and seemingly little magic.
And even though, I can t say I liked her as a main heroine I abso An overnight read I was so thrilled when I got my hands on this book I read right through dinner, second dinner, and midnight snack And was extremely annoyed when I needed to use the potty.
I love this world Maria V Snyder commands your attention Poison Study fans are really going to like this one Just like with the poisons, we learn about storms and glass with the same meticulous and entertaining attention to detail Can t wait for the next Award Winning Author Maria V Snyder Brings Readers Into A World Of Molten Magic, Where Storms Can Be Captured Within A Glass Orb And A Magician S Powers Can Remain Hidden Until Challenged By Enemy Forces As A Glassmaker And A Magician In Training, Opal Cowan Understands Trial By Fire Someone Has Sabotaged The Stormdancer Clan S Glass Orbs, Killing Their Most Powerful Magicians The Stormdancers Particularly The Mysterious And Mercurial Kade Require Opal S Unique Talents To Prevent It From Happening Again But When The Mission Goes Awry, Opal Must Tap Into A New Kind Of Magic Yet The Further She Delves Into The Intrigue Behind The Glass And Magic, The Distorted Things Appear With Lives Hanging In The Balance Including Her Own Opal Must Control Her Powers Powers That Could Lead To Disaster Beyond Anything She S Ever Known

Maria V. Snyder

Download Epub Format À Storm Glass PDF by ¶ Maria V. Snyder When Maria V Snyder was younger, she aspired to be a storm chaser in the American Midwest so she attended Pennsylvania State University and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology Much to her chagrin, forecasting the weather wasn t in her skill set so she spent a number of years as an environmental meteorologist, which is not excitingat all Bored at work and needing a creative out