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[Jill Shalvis] ✓ Storm Watch (Harlequin Blaze) [music PDF] Ebook Epub Download ß Subject Jason Mauer, National GuardCurrent Status Homeward BoundMission Getting Some R R Obstacle Lizzy Mann Sexy Blast From The PastAfter Battling A Hurricane Of Catastrophic Proportions, Jason Needs Some Downtime Badly But There S No Rest For The Heroic During Another Deluge, Jason S Savior Skills Are Suddenly In Demandby His Hot Friend LizzyShe S Fiercely Independent But That Doesn T Keep Them From Having Incredible Sex As They, Ah, Ride Out The Storm Jason Knows Relationships And Duty Don T Mix Still, He Feels As If He S Being Swept Away By A Flash Flood Of Desire For LizzyThe Permanent Kind A fast and entertaining read but completely unbelievable, even for a romance Like really, you re going to make out every other minute with a guy you haven t seen since high school soaking wet with rain during a life threatening storm while worried your pregnant sister is giving birth alone Another good one from Jill Shalvis I m a fan and none of her books have disappointed me Jason Mauer is home on leave from the National Guard He specializes in search and rescue and is ready for some RR Unfortunately, he arrives home in Santa Rey, CA just in time for a huge storm Lizzy Mann is worried about her sister and needs some help from her friend Dustin and his SUV She doesn t find Dustin, but she does find his brother Jason her high school crush Jason insists on helping Lizzy find her sister and off they go in the storm together The action begin right from the start and doesn t slow down throughout the book It is engaging and fun to read Lizzy and Jason have sizzling chemistry right from the beginning If you haven t read Flashpoint Harlequin Blaze Love Jill Shalvis, Love her writing, love her style but I didn t love this Really I just didn t love the h in this As always, Ms Shalvis hero was yummy.
A cute, funny read The author makes it so you can relate to the characters and pulls you into their story It has a lot about helping family but also about looking at your life and where you want to go He has had some trouble and is home to figure out where he wants to go from there Only problem is there is a huge storm with flooding right after her gets home She is trying to help some family but with the storm needs a little help They are both trying to figure out where they want to go from where they are The book hits the floor running and doesn t stop from there I also enjoyed the humor mixed in The connection between the characters was fun to watch unfold A book that will go on my keeper shelf.
Love ItSweet sexy and smart Another hit from Kill Shalvis Great story that never got to far off its rails, it keeps you interested and doesn t disappoint at all.
Storm Watch is a category romance by Jill Shalvis I ve had on my to be read pile for a while, together with a few others by this author I ve previously enjoyed a few of her categories and looked forward to reading this one.
This is the story of Jason and Lizzy who went through high school together and ten years later meet up again It s the classic tale of the geeky smart girl who has a secret crush on the gorgeous jock who hurt her feelings In the middle of a devastating storm Lizzy needs help evacuating her pregnant sister Cece who she s sure did not evacuate and is not responding to phone calls She goes to her friend Dustin for help and instead finds her old crush, Jason Within minutes of meeting, Lizzy realizes that after ten years, her crush is blooming again and this time the chemistry seems to go both ways.
Jason is back in town I have read a Jill Shalvis book before after winning it off this site I loved her writing then and this was just as great I got this at a book sale last month for the Friends Of The Library and I was so thankful for it because I wouldn t have found it otherwise Jason Mauer just got home from his latest tour of the National Guard which has him needing some rest and relaxation after a rough 8 months In those 8 months he d had it rough not really being emotionally involved with anything after losing his friend Matt Lizzy Mann is a nurse, a caring loving sister who has come looking for help hoping to get Jason s brother, Dustin, but she finds Jason.
Jason Lizzy have a passed together and unlike what she thinks half of the book a future too Jas I always enjoy Jill Shalvis, even when the stories are over the top And Storm Watch is over the top in several ways Jason is a Guardsman on leave while he mourns the death of a friend and tries to figure out what to do with his life he returns home just as a hurricane strikes Lizzy is a childhood friend who s always had a crush on Jason but was too shy to act on it Now she s all grown up, confident, and needing help Lizzy s 9 months pregnant sister is somewhere in this storm and Lizzy has to reach her to make sure she s okay.
So far, so good But here s the thing, the action in the book keeps coming to a grinding halt as Jason and Lizzy give into the incredible attraction between them and start passionately kissing at the most inopportune times I kept thinking, Aren t there sheets of rain coming down and howling hurricane force winds Why are these two people kissing Storm Watch is about numerous events that happen over a 24 hour period during a hurricane that causes lots of damage to the town but ignites something seriously hot between National Guard, Jason Mauer and nurse Lizzy Mann.
Lizzy is desperate to get across town to maker sure her heavily pregnant sister is okay, she stumbles across Jason, the hottie who she had a major crush on in High School and who scorned her heart The last thing Jason expected when he came home from a nightmare of a mission with the National Guard was to use his rescue skills to the extreme and protect the one woman who scared the hell out of him when he was eighteen years old and never really got over.
This story has plenty of action and sexual tension in abundance It was a quick enjoyable read with likeable characters and deserves it s place in the Uniformly Hot series.

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