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Ð Read ↠´ The Camping Trip by Derick Ackins-Farris ↠´ So on the one hand I think this was pretty terrible, but on the other hand it was kind of good Even if it went total Twilight Zone on me Really, the beginning, the middle, it was all terrific, but then came the end, and I was just like what the hell just happened I won t spoil anything, but I am guessingpeople will be feeling this way And then that last page, what the hell Sorry, but it was just too much weirdness and wtf ness for me to think it was great.
I also noticed a lot of mistakes, spelling errors, but also sentences that didn t fit, punctuation missing, stuff that was said at first, but then was contradicted a bit later, and several other things Did anyone check edit this novel before it was published onI am deducing some points from my rating for that.
The book also switches between characters, which can be quite confusing One moment you would have Car Yikes, I have no words to describe how bad this was, I m only posting a review to warn others away from this.
The Camping Trip by Derick Shawn Farris is a short read that will keep you on the edge of your seat and not wanting to turn your lights out at night The author did a great job of developing a storyline that was easy to follow and get into This book takes the old camp fire ghost stories to a hold new level I could not put the book down from start to finish and hated to see it end.
I liked the way Derick Shawn Farris developed his characters He gave just enough background to make them real and draw you into their story I really enjoyed reading The Camping Trip by Derick Shawn Farris and I recommend this book to all readers Please note I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
No character development , abundant grammatical errors and spelling mistakes I waived to my friend Um no Could of been made into quite an interesting and unique book As a short story I liked it as it had ghost story feel about it Something you could tell your friends whilst sitting around a camp fire in the bush Based on that and the fact I was looking for a camping woods slasher type story I gave it two stars for creep factor.
Carla And Her Friends Head Out On A Weekend Vacation To The Camping Site That She Loved From Her Childhood While Her Friends Keep Observing Weird Occurrences And Finding Strange Things In The Woods They Try To Get Some Rest And Relaxation The Camping Site S Inhabitants Have Other Plans For The Group As Death, Sacrifice, And Heritage Rear Their Head In The Equation The Camping Trip Is A Story That Will Have You Scared To Pitch A Tent In The Woods Ever Again

Derick Ackins-Farris

Ð Read ↠´ The Camping Trip by Derick Ackins-Farris ↠´ izmirescort.pro Derick Shawn Farris was born with an extreme imagination Being an only child he had to create different worlds and people throughout his childhood He tried to manifest his creative gene through many avenues He first tried his hand in drawing but his mind and hand could not translate onto paper He also has had stints in acting and in the music industry as well He constantly hit mild milestones