Trailer ☆ The Curse of Betrayal (Curse Books, #2) PDF by å Taylor Lavati

Trailer ☆ The Curse of Betrayal (Curse Books, #2) PDF by å Taylor Lavati Ryder Has Finally Decided To Take Her Life Into Her Own Hands, But Things Don T Always Turn Out As They Seem Ollie And Ari Have Made A Pact That Leaves Ryder Alone Until She Ends The Curse And Chooses Her Soul MateWith Her Knights Absent, Ryder Becomes Independent, Seeing Things In Her Visions That Force Her To Question The Curse And HerselfAs Strange Things Happen At Demi God Academy, Ryder Realizes Everything Comes Back To Her She Must Use The Power Growing Within Her To Protect Her New Friends In Ways She Never Imagined Possible But As New Threats Surface, She May Not Be Strong Enough To Protect Them AllIn Book Two Of A Curse books, Ryder Discovers What It Really Means To Be Eurydice IntenseBetter than the first book Action packed, intrigue and mysterious Ryder goes to Demigod school She feels lost not knowing what s going to happen Ari is also there teaching She makes some friends but know she has to concentrate on finding out about the curse, breaking it and picking which one of her guys is her soul mate But things take a turn for the worse when the school gets attacked Is it because of her or something else She also wants to search for her mom, who doesn t want to be found Book three hopefully will answer all these questions and who gets the girl.
This is part two of a series young author, Taylor, is writing TTYC, first in the series, was a great break through starting novel for this author It was well written, well thought out and well presented I was excited when she reached out to me and asked if I wanted to read part 2, The Curse of Betrayal I am glad she did I love forging and creating a working relationship with authors or publishers Book two follows Ryder Eury into her Demi God training academy She finds herself in a new group of friends who help her adjust to the newness of her demi god powers and life She is still stuck between Ollie and Ari, two lovers from many previous lives that have fought for her affections Eury has an adviser at the academy who is helping her untangle the mess of a curse Together they are hoping to find a way to reverse the curse.
Eury s curse ends up hitting them head on, right at the hear Lavati strips down in this book though not literally , getting to the juicy and sometimes dirty details the ones WE want It s not every day one comes across such talent in a young and fairly new writer Lavati evokes emotion in her stories, leaving the reader feeling lost, bliss, and uncertain almost simultaneously But in a good way, of course We can say without a doubt in our literary minds that Taylor is a talented, prolific, and up and coming writer to keep your eyes on.
In The Curse of Betrayal Ryder learns what it truly means to be Eurydice And we can assure you that her trail to self understanding, acceptance, and discovery comes at a cost one almost too much to bear The second installment in her three book series encounters love and lust, Hades and Hell, life and death, betrayal and devotion, but most importantly, some kick ass gods In exchange for understanding her dest A great end to the series I m so glad Ryder and Ari were soulmates.
Loved it it is the continuation to the first one and I cant wait to continue reading to find out what happens next I felt sad and happy all in one but I won t leave any spoilers you will have to read the book to find out what happens and why Truly amazing story, five stars I received this book for an honest review 3 Wow, just wow I got this book early and boy am I happy It s like night and day to book one, which introduced us to all of the characters This one is packed with action and definitely shows us of the god world There s new powers like teleporting and fire and controlling elements I m really happy the author expanded on that aspect since the first book was just the intro.
I have to say that the romance between the boys wasn t super present in this book There was a ton of tension and the trio meeting together was awesome There was fighting and jealously, too which was really cool to see.
I think the characters, both old and new were done great Her roommate was really funny and I M SO HAPPY JUNIOR was back in it He s such This is the 2nd book in the series.
Ryder is now off to school in New York, where demi gods train She is anxious but very eager to start a new chapter in her life, leaving behind her old life and the bullying she endured It doesn t take Ryder long to make some really good friends and they are all learning to find their own way with their own powers in this new world Her struggle with Ollie and Ari doesn t get any easier, and she battles with how to deal with being in love with two people at once along with working out the visions and dreams she has.
I so loved book 1 and thought book 2 was just as good if not better Well written, very descriptive and really captured my imagination again There is always so much going on in these books, I ended up reading this book in one go and couldn t p This review can also be found on my blog The Mis Adventures of a Twenty Something Year Old Girl.
You know when you read the second book in a series, and think how much better the first book was Well, this isn t the case with The Curse of Betrayal In fact, I think this book was even better than its predecessor I believe The Curse of Betrayal could be read as a stand alone, but it d be much enjoyable if you read The Thousand Year Curse which is the first book in the series.
I like the title Ryder does feel a bit betrayed by her mother and someone else to tell would be spoilers in the book Like the first book, I m not a fan of the cover of this book either It s just too plain for my liking, and for those that do judge a book by its cover of which I have been guilty before , I think it will put them off reading this AMAZING book I enjoyed the world building It seemed as Ryder is excited to be starting her new school the Demi Gods Academy in New York She has left her old life behind her and with it a girl that was always putting her down, calling her names and beating her up sometimes But on her first day she meets this girl Lisa who for whatever reason doesn t like Ryder and right away starts picking on her and putting her down But of course Ryder has put that stuff behind her she is not going to be someone else s punching bag ever again She puts Miss Lisa in her place right away but it doesn t seem to faze her much Ryder is not worried about her though she can handle her besides she has a new best friend now, Kara Ryder and Kara become best friends fast and quick Kara is the kind of friend that will stand by your side until the end if it came to that Ryder is so glad to finally ha

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