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É Read ✓ The Dark And Hollow Places by Carrie Ryan î There Are Many Things That Annah Would Like To Forget The Look On Her Sister S Face Before Annah Left Her Behind In The Forest Of Hands And Teeth, Her First Glimpse Of The Horde As They Swarmed The Dark City, The Sear Of The Barbed Wire That Would Scar Her For Life But Most Of All, Annah Would Like To Forget The Morning Elias Left Her For The Recruiters Annah S World Stopped That Day, And She S Been Waiting For Elias To Come Home Ever Since Somehow, Without Him, Her Life Doesn T Feel Much Different Than The Dead That Roam The Wasted City Around Her Until She Meets Catcher, And Everything Feels Alive Again But Catcher Has His Own Secrets Dark, Terrifying Truths That Link Him To A Past Annah Has Longed To Forget, And To A Future Too Deadly To Consider And Now It S Up To Annah Can She Continue To Live In A World Covered In The Blood Of The Living Or Is Death The Only Escape From The Return S Destruction The first book in this series The Forest of Hands and Teeth was such a great story, then the second book The Dead Tossed Waves wasn t really a sequel, it was a whole different story with mostly different characters and it didn t make references to the first book very often, so you didn t get any answers to the questions that the first book raised This last book The Dark And Hollow Places is a sequel to The Dead Tossed Waves , I started skimming about mid book because I thought it was getting a little bit boring and repetitive There wasn t much of a big finale, and it didn t really go in the direction I thought it would, it just sort of faded into an ending, and they rode off into the sunset sort of a thing Very inconclusive, and very disappointing.
After reading and reviewing The Dead Tossed Waves, I wasn t planning on reading the final book in this series But, I hate starting a series and not finishing it, and I really hoped this book would be better The plot follows the previous two books there s the whiny, self pitying girl, the love triangle, and the need to escape The writing hasn t improved either Something is always almost like something else, unimaginative similes abound Someone is always retching or vomiting When hands, fingers, or knuckles are mentioned, they re raw, ragged, bloody, or bruised Throats and voices are raw and ragged too If you need an adjective, any adjective, just use one of these four.
Annah is always whining about her scars and hiding behind her hair It makes her look meek Instead of being invisible, she stands out as an easy targ

In some parts, it was my favorite In others, it was my least favorite.
You know how when you are reading a book and you can sort of tell when the author lets her characters off the hook or saves them from a potentially devastating situation Well, Carrie Ryan spares no sort of mercy for her characters In fact, she leaves your soul begging for a way out for them I found myself bargaining with Ryan to please cut them some slack But Alas, such is not the way in any of the Forest of Hands and Teeth novels While the POV changed from each of the three books, one constant always remained Or the Unconsecrated, Mudo, or Plague Rats depending which book you re on The Dark And Hollow Places or the series in general is epic I can honestly say I really, really liked it, perhaps even loved it However, it is not an adventure I would want to read again It is just too damn depressing And I ll probably have Zombie filled dreams the n

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É Read ✓ The Dark And Hollow Places by Carrie Ryan î izmirescort.pro Forest of Hands and Teeth series.If you like clever, fun adventure fantasy for 8 12 year olds, definitely read the