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Á The Dead-Tossed Waves ô Download by é Carrie Ryan Four or five FOUR OR FIVE FOUR OR FIVE Let s see how I m feeling by the end of the review Okay, this book kinda takes place where the last one left off Give or take twenty to thirty years Instead of the lovely Mary, the narrator this time is Mary s daughter, Gabry Now, I understand most of you are like OMG, who s the father I know I was But I can t say for threat of being flagged as a spoiler Anyway, Gabry has a very different upbringing from her mother She lives in a lighthouse on the outskirts of a little town called Vista She has a best friend and a crush on her best friend s brother But most of all, she grows up safe and secure, without all that moaning in the background But then, of course, it all goes wrongdun dun DUN Gabry and her friends take a little midnight hike over the Barrier and zombie hell breaks loo Gabry Lives A Quiet Life As Safe A Life As Is Possible In A Town Trapped Between A Forest And The Ocean, In A World Teeming With The Dead, Who Constantly Hunger For Those Still Living She S Content On Her Side Of The Barrier, Happy To Let Her Friends Dream Of The Dark City Up The Coast While She Watches From The Top Of Her Lighthouse But There Are Threats The Barrier Cannot Hold Back Threats Like The Secrets Gabry S Mother Thought She Left Behind When She Escaped From The Sisterhood And The Forest Of Hands And Teeth Like The Cult Of Religious Zealots Who Worship The Dead Like The Stranger From The Forest Who Seems To Know Gabry And Suddenly, Everything Is Changing One Reckless Moment, And Half Of Gabry S Generation Is Dead, The Other Half Imprisoned Now Gabry Only Knows One Thing She Must Face The Forest Of Her Mother S Past In Order To Save Herself And The One She Loves I wasn t a fan of The Forest of Hands and Teeth, but I wanted to give the author a second chance Like the previous book, the writing is choppy, monotonous, and repetitive The same thoughts and sentences are strewn throughout the pages The author uses silly similes, instead of actually describing things I grew weary of hearing how everything was like something else Even annoying was the constant use of almost and of as if almost running, almost touching, almost clawing, almost raw Why can t the author just write a convincing description, instead of relying on cliche imagery The story line isn t very original either, it mirrors The Forest of Hands and Teeth in many ways an indecisive, helpless girl mooning over two boys, a journey down the fenced paths, the inevitable loss of companions, and an infuriatingly selfish act at the end I had hoped this book would fill in th Dead Tossed Waves is a great example where the sequel outshines the first installment by far I had no intention of reading this book as The Forrest of Hands and Teeth was a disappointment for me at least But after reading continuous rave reviews and trusting my fellow avid readers that this book was a hit, I gave it a try and it was well worth it IMHO I really enjoyed this story so much than the first book, as I feel Carrie Ryan truly displayed growth in her writing abilities, as evidence by the captivating plot she devised, the flawed yet appealing characters she developed, and the intriguing setting she used as a backdrop It all blended very well and kept me riveted the entire time.
I liked all of the characters that made up this adventure including Gabry, Catcher, Cira, and Elias, who I felt were strong, complex OK, I m done with this DONE I m having a REAL hard time justifying even attempting to finish this Why Let me count the ways There will be spoilers Click them at your own risk 1 Gabry For real, she s annoying as hell She s cowardly and weak and useless and annoying, has a chip on her shoulder the size of an undead zombie horde, feels betrayed by everyone and everything ever and just generally pisses me off At this point, she could do this amazing 180 turnaround and achieve RE Alice like badassery levels and I would still want to punch her in the face 2 Gabry She s mother effing stupid view spoiler So, her barely barely barely insinuated that he might like her as than a friend and rubbed lips together one effing time boyfriend gets infected So this girl, who has been RAISED in a world I had some real issues with The Forest of Hands and Teeth mostly revolving around my extreme dislike of the main character Usually disliking a main character is a deal breaker for me and it is lucky for me to even finish the book let alone read a sequel Luckily, the world building in The Forest of Hands and Teeth was amazing I wanted to learn about how civilization came to such a state, what was going on with the secretive sisterhood and everything else I could about the world Carrie Ryan created I was hooked by the world and not the characters.
Dead Tossed Waves is about Mary s daughter, Gabry I found her to be much likable than Mary, though not necessarily a lovable character She came across as whiny at times and I would be sorely tempted to reach through my book and slap her if it was only possible There is much information about the zombies aka Mudo as well as the fate of Mary s h Wow You never think that a sequel will equal its predecessor, but Carrie Ryan has managed to do itand I even liked it better The Forest of Hands and Teeth blew me away with its creative setting and premise and with its strong female lead, but when I got hold of The Dead Tossed Waves I could NOT put it down Told from the point of view of Mary s daughter, Gabry, its about a girl who is forced to step outside of her safe world and learn what courage is In contrast to her mother, Mary, Gabry is timid and cautious about the world around her Watching her grow, develop, and rise to the challenges that she met with throughout her story was amazing And the love triangle with her initial first love, Catcher, and her mysterious rescuer gosh, I just love a good rescue , Elias, was b

Gabry, the main character of this story, is lacking in the crazy ass psycho department that her mother so nicely managed during her debut in The Forest of Hands and Teeth.
This story is about self discovery With Zombies.
Which actually makes a lot of sense.
In what I can only assume is stupidity gone rampant amongst teens, Gabry is convinced to go out past their safe border and into a closed and derelict theme park.
It isn t a spoiler when I tell you that things quickly turn to shit because, really, you can do the maths.
A group of stupid teens possible zombie infested theme park things quickly turning to shit.
Very simple maths and the authors of the horror genre have taken such delight in viciously murdering poorly behaving teenagers that this is nothing new.
After this incident, Gabry s life falls apart piece by I m torn with the rating I gave this book It deserves than three stars but I wouldn t say I really liked it So, even though I like this book than I like it s companion, The Forest of Hands and Teeth, I gave it the same amount of stars Quick review In The Forest of Hands and Teeth we were introduced to Mary, a not entirely likable teenage girl living in a remote village reminiscent of the village in M Night Shyamalan s The Village Mary s village is fenced off from the surrounding forest which is full of zombies referred to as the unconsecrated Mary desires, than anything, to venture outside the fenced in village to find her way to the ocean, even though she s been told her whole life the ocean no longer exists At the end of The Forest of Ha

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Á The Dead-Tossed Waves ô Download by é Carrie Ryan Forest of Hands and Teeth series.If you like clever, fun adventure fantasy for 8 12 year olds, definitely read the