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Ó The Fault in Our Stars Ú Download by à John Green Despite The Tumor Shrinking Medical Miracle That Has Bought Her A Few Years, Hazel Has Never Been Anything But Terminal, Her Final Chapter Inscribed Upon Diagnosis But When A Gorgeous Plot Twist Named Augustus Waters Suddenly Appears At Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel S Story Is About To Be Completely RewrittenInsightful, Bold, Irreverent, And Raw, The Fault in Our Stars Is Award Winning Author John Green S Most Ambitious And Heartbreaking Work Yet, Brilliantly Exploring The Funny, Thrilling, And Tragic Business Of Being Alive And In Love At age twenty two, John Green worked as a student chaplain in a children s hospital Let s take a moment and consider all the implications of that, and why he is making a colossal understatement when he described the experience as devastating That was about twelve years ago, and Green has said in interviews that because of this experience, he s spent twelve years trying to write a book about kids with cancer not poster children of strength and courage and illness granted wisdom, but real kids and their families and friends who have to cope with the fact that they will die young All novels are personal, but Green s novels seem, to me, to be especially so But this one is personal in a different way With this novel, Green isn t trying to exorcize the memory of the girl who stomped on his heart in high school This goes deeper than high I HATE this book Absolutely hate it Not just from the bottom of my heart which would literally mean my ventricles, and so, no but with my whole heart I hate it, hate it, hate it.
I hate the fact that it made me laugh, so hard I hate the fact that it made me smile, so much I hate the fact that it made me chuckle, so profusely I hate the fact that it gifted me with so much Laughter, Smiles and Chuckles when I was expecting to come face to face with tragedy at any moment.
it changed my expectations, made me believe in Something which did not happenor maybe did happen.
I hate the fact that while Hazel Grace fell in love the way you fall asleep slowly, and then all at once , I justfell no warning, no time to process the myriad emotions coursing through me, nope, nothing, just a huge endle 1.
5 stars.
EDIT Changed the rating because it s gotten to the point where my sister and I have inside jokes on how stupid and shallow this book is I can t think about this book without getting angry.
I have a history with pretentious people.
My biggest mess involved two boys in particular who were so incredibly full of themselves that for the first time in my life, I openly expressed my dislike to them They know that I couldn t care less about their hotness or just how amazing they were So goddamn full of themselves, spoiled rotten, just overall horrible people.
In short, my personality clashes with theirs entirely and there really is no chance of a friendship I d dive into it, but then this wouldn t be a book review.
And so I move on The Fault in Our Stars is my first John Green book.
Yeah, I know, but I didn t really I must be clear from the beginning This is perhaps the most personal review I have written My choice of stars was difficult for this I am a self confessed John Green fan, I believe he is amongst the best of, not only YA, but fiction writers out there in general This is a beautifully written book There is very little to complain about in terms of style, plot, character, etc However I couldn t, in all good conscience, give this any higher because it sits so badly with me I have let this novel marinate for a couple of days now before writing this, and I just keep coming back to the same issues Namely Was this John Green s story to tell It is the human condition to attempt to find hope in hopeless situations But let me attempt to explain how watching a 17 year old fade away truly feels Because when the wit and words are stripped away I am not sure John did that.
It is It seems silly that I have to say this, but I ve seen many a negative review of this book met with backlash from John s nerdfighter fans, so I want to make one thing clear I like John Green You ll find plenty who worship him as a god amongst men and many who are highly critical of him, I fall into neither of these categories but I do like him and I enjoy watching his videos I find him funny and I agree with a lot of what he stands for I also appreciate the amount of charity work he does and the way he helps the nerds feel better about themselves and make it out of high school a little less scarred than they might have been I like John Green But I do not particularly like this book There are plenty of people raving about this book on goodreads, on Kirkus, in various magazines and newspapers so I realise I am in a tiny minority I will also admit that I might not ha As seen on The ReadventurerThe Fault in Our Stars currently has a rating of 4.
74 on Goodreads, almost everyone I know has given it 5 stars, therefore I m certain no one would want to read my sour musings, except me and maybe a couple of other like minded and unimpressed.
What I d love to know is this what makes a writer undertake the topic of cancer So much has already been written about it, so many Lifetime movies filmed, so many tears shed It literally has been done to death What new did John Green have to bring to the cancer table The way I see it, nothing Having your terminally sick characters be ironic about their illnesses and swap cancer jokes isn t groundbreaking.
The Fault in Our Stars isn t a bad book, but it s a standard cancer book, and, sadly, a standard John Green book, with standard John This is me after I finished the book and whenever I think about it pointless EDIT Woooah 1000 likes I m surprised how many people are willing to read my little blurb of nothingness EDIT In a lot of peoples reviews I keep seeing they don t talk their age or They make these beautiful long speeches which is something that normal teenagers don t do and I have to point out that Augustus and Hazel AREN T normal teenagers They ve had to go through so much in their lifetime than a lot of teenagers will ever have to, and its aged them And quite honestly, this book wouldn t be as good if they were normal whatever that means sighs okay I m done, proceed with reading If you want to, I m just tiny words on a screen Do whatever you want.
As much of an amazing writer as I want to be I m really not So I ll just point out the things that made this book amazing I knew that I woul Update 25 06 2014 Since I ve been receiving a lot of cyber bullies and hate messages, I m going to clarify few things Firstly, this is a negative review of the book and it has got a lot of potential to infuriate the fans If you think that your opinion is the only opinion that exists on earth and that no one should dislike your favourite book, then I would suggest you to avoid this review Secondly, This is my review and I have the freedom to analyse and criticise this book as I wish to without being told by others how I m supposed to criticise it I have the freedom to have my own thoughts and to express them in whatever way I want to and I don t appreciate fans shoving their opinions down my throats, I m not here t John Green.
John Green.
John Green.
You re not like Peter Van Houten, are you What have you done to my brainand my heartI m not gonna review how exquisite John Green can write, or how he can create characters as special as Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters, or how amazing he can tell a story Despite the huge number of ratings and the spectacular average rating, this book is not perfect You might find it unrealistic, because if there are many of us who see the life and its complexity like Hazel and Gus do, this world will be such a happy place So like any other book, this one also might be a miss or a hit If it s a miss, then you can say it s not worth the hype But if it s a hit, it hits hard Everything in this book the characters, the story, the words, they all have the power to be an inspiration If you haven t read it, I suggest to take the chance.

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Ó The Fault in Our Stars Ú Download by à John Green Looking for Alaska, won the 2006 Michael L Printz Award presented by the American Library Association His second novel,