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Æ Read ï Hypnotisören by Lars Kepler ï Sweden, what is going on there On one hand, this is a pretty good book Joona Linna is everything you want in a police inspector ruggedly good looking, arrogant yet polite, and always right my favorite line I m not usually wrong and I believe we re going to find your son Tell me, Joona, do you ever tell someone, I m not usually wrong I think your son is long gone The story is genuinely creepy when Simone is awakened in the night by someone giving her an injection she stumbles down the hall hearing someone cooing laughing in her son s room I had to get up make sure the doors and windows were locked The chapters are short sweet this makes it hard to put the book down I stayed up late two nights in a row to finish it.
On the other hand, though, this book is total In this debut novel, Lars Kepler lays out the groundwork for a stunning and highly intense thriller A boy is found clinging to life at home with his family slaughtered all around him Detective Joona Linna is called upon to solve the case and becomes convinced that, with a little probing, all can be revealed and the killer caught, as long as the sole witness remembers what he saw Joona turns to hypnosis in order to unlock those horrific memories of the event Calling upon Eric Maria Bark, a psychiatrist with experience in hypnosis, Joona reaches out to reveal the missing links of this multiple murder Bark agrees to help and coaxes out some interesting information When someone tips off the media that Bark is back using hypnosis, old scandals emerge of which Joona was not previously aware While Bark rides the wa They d thought he was dead when they found him among the other bodies in the terraced house He d lost a great deal of blood, gone into a state of shock, and hadn t regained consciousness until seven hours later He was the only surviving witness Detective Joona Linna was certain that the boy would be able to provide valuable information, possibly even identify the killerBut if the other circumstances had not been so exceptional, it would never even have occurred to anyone to turn to a hypnotist Erik Maria Bark has seen his career go up in flames His relationship with his son is changing and not for the better His relationship with his wife is on life support To cope with all of this, he is taking too many legally prescribed drugs When Detective Joona Linna calls him and wants him to hypnotize the one rem I really liked this novel, and would have given it four stars if not for three things that irked me about the way it was written.
1 The authors this was written by a married couple use the present tense in narration e.
g Joona walks into the room and sits down At first, I thought there was a compelling reason for this, but after finishing the book, I can t come up with anything, except perhaps that it was poorly translated into English do Swedish authors normally write in present tense I really don t know But it pulled me out of the story a number of times, as I was focusing on the tense instead.
2 There were over 100 chapters, which I m totally okay with However, there was a date time stamp header at the beginning of each chapter With an average chapter length of five pages, this wa This is a very dark, horrific story that ranks high in creepiness Seriously it left me feeling like I needed to take a shower and wash the creep away The cover would have you beleive that it is comparable to Silence of the Lambs or Stieg Larsson s Millenium series but I have to disagree with that Now I love a good mystery, better still if it happens to be a thriller where life and death hang in the balance as they race to find and stop the villian The Hypnotist certainly contains all of these elements and , so you might wonder why only 3 stars There are a number of reasons but chief among them The crimes are incredibly brutal and way too graphically detailed.
so much so that I felt as though the authors were trying real hard for the

I suppose I should say this is a spoiler alert read on at your own risk I continue to be amazed by people s reviews Many most always begin by giving a summation of the plot This is stupid and totally unnecessary People already know what the book is about Personal Reviews should tell what the reader thought This is an amazingly hyped book I would suppose that every publishing company wants to discover the next Steig Larrsen Obviously, Its not that easy First you need to be able to write well Next you need to be able to create believable characters and give them a substantial plot These writers can t do any of that For a hyped and well reviewed book, this is possibly one of the worst books I have ever read What a scam calling this the next Larssen or anything close.
PLOT SPOILERS in paragraph 1 I have never read a book with such a strong start From the very first page I was convinced the story had a carefully structured premise and then somewhere in the middleKABOOM I found myself wondering who is the protagonist What about the murder What about detective Joona Linna I want to know about Linna.
And what about Evelyn She sank her teeth into the throat of an officer Will you not say something about this Tthe first half of the book was much intriguing than the second half There were moments I was terrified and convinced someone was in my house not many books can create this effect However I found a few parts rather dull The chapter entitled 10 years ago was really unecessary It was so long and boring that I had to skim through it Also I found the time stamps technique annoyingly confusing The character I liked the most was Josef Ek and I would I have never read such an amazing twisting novel.
There are not words to express how super this book was.
I can only give praise to the authors.
Erik Maria Bark, talented doctor whose specialty is the treatment of seriously traumatized persons, formerly also with hypnotize, is called to Karolinska hospital, where a 15 year old boy lies severely injured the only survivor of a family massacre in the outskirts of Stockholm.
It turns out that the boy has an older sister who s disappeared, and there s reason to assume that the killer will go for her too It s therefore imperative that they find her before the killer does, and since the boy isn t stable enough to be questioned, Erik is called in to hypnotize him in order to get a description of the killer.
However, Bark has promised himself never to practice hypnosis again The characters are twisted and bound together, an I wish someone would hypnotize me and erase the memory of reading this book.
OK, it isn t that bad from a writing standpoint and basic premise, but it had a lot of buzz that I didn t think it came close to living up to Slapping that The Next Stieg Larsson label on any new Swedish thriller is probably automatic at this point, but it sets up a reader up for disappointment when there s no character anywhere near as interesting as Lisbeth Salander around Extra disappointing when most of the characters are so unlikable that you start rooting for the serial killer Throw in a plot that disregards logic whenever it s convenient to try and introduce some tension into a story, and this ended up as a thriller that wasted a pretty decent set up Lars Kepler is actually a pseudonym Prepare For The Hypnotist To Cast Its SpellIn The Frigid Clime Of Tumba, Sweden, A Gruesome Triple Homicide Attracts The Interest Of Detective Inspector Joona Linna, Who Demands To Investigate The Murders The Killer Is Still At Large, And There S Only One Surviving Witness The Boy Whose Family Was Killed Before His Eyes Whoever Committed The Crimes Wanted This Boy To Die He S Suffered Than One Hundred Knife Wounds And Lapsed Into A State Of Shock Desperate For Information, Linna Sees Only One Option Hypnotism He Enlists Dr Erik Maria Bark To Mesmerize The Boy, Hoping To Discover The Killer Through His EyesIt S The Sort Of Work That Bark Has Sworn He Would Never Do Again Ethically Dubious And Psychically Scarring When He Breaks His Promise And Hypnotizes The Victim, A Long And Terrifying Chain Of Events Begins To UnfurlAn International Sensation, The Hypnotist Is Set To Appear In Thirty Seven Countries, And It Has Landed At The Top Of Bestseller Lists Wherever It S Been Published In France, Holland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Denmark Now It S America S Turn Combining The Addictive Power Of The Stieg Larsson Trilogy With The Storytelling Drive Of The Silence Of The Lambs, This Adrenaline Drenched Thriller Is Spellbinding From Its Very First Page

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