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[Julie Kagawa] ï The Iron Daughter [comics-manga PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ Half Summer Faery Princess, Half Human, Meghan Has Never Fit In Anywhere Deserted By The Winter Prince She Thought Loved Her, She Is Prisoner To The Winter Faery Queen As War Looms Between Summer And Winter, Meghan Knows That The Real Danger Comes From The Iron Fey Ironbound Faeries That Only She And Her Absent Prince Have Seen But No One Believes HerWorse, Meghan S Own Fey Powers Have Been Cut Off She S Stuck In Faery With Only Her Wits For Help Trusting Anyone Would Be Foolish Trusting A Seeming Traitor Could Be Deadly But Even As She Grows A Backbone Of Iron, Meghan Can T Help But Hear The Whispers Of Longing In Her All Too Human Heart I m beginning to really appreciate reading a series where all the books are out Aww look at me and these wise life decisions But anyway I quite enjoyed this one too The stakes weren t as personal to my soul since book 1 was all about Meghan saving her little brother vs this one is just ya knowstopping the destruction of all the fey who are horrible anyway but apparently Meghan is much nicer than I ll ever be but I enjoy literally every breath that Puck and Ash take Oh and there s waves vaguely Meghan too I guess But pUCK AND ASH PLOTLike I said, super high stakes since we re stopping all of faery land from destroying itself in a war But they re literally like a writhing mass of 5 year olds and they re BORED and have viciously wicked magic they want to use I can t even I love them so much I also love how murderously go Beware of spoilers What a complete disappointment compared to the utter bliss I felt from the first one Meghan is the reason why I gave this book a two I shall proceed to have my fangirl moments and my complaints now Fangirl moments 1 You see, the first 114 pages were decent However, I must say I had a deep longing to see my Puck I couldn t stand it I did not laugh or giggle once throughout the beginning, considering that Prince Ash is an absolute bore.
When Puck finally made his grand entrance as a raven on page 115, I shrieked and proceeded to do my happy dance Finally, some action and humor 2 I also had my fangirl moment when Puck and Meghan kissed It wasn t awkward Well, if you completely disregarded the fact that Grimalkin claimed that they were humping like rabbits on the bed Besides that, I thought The second book in The Iron Fey series, The Iron Daughter definitely had my attention from start to finish I m a sucker for angst and emotional pain in my romances This book was jam packed with both However, it also had a healthy dose of action for the adventure junkies out there The Iron Daughter begins with Meghan in captivity at the Winter Court Ash has transformed into someone unrecognizable, denying any feelings for Meghan and turning his back on her As his antics become crueler, Meghan is forced to come to terms with the possibility that she never really knew Ash at all.
Appearances aren t always as they seem though This is a lesson that Meghan learns time and time again as she attempts to navigate the politics and manipulative games of the Winter Court The sadistic tendencies of the court members may be the only thing that Ash was fully ho 6.
2011 ETA Finished book three and this is one of the most frustrating YA series I ve read to date If you ve no tolerance for angsty, bratty, obtuse heroines, steer right clear of it When I first read The Iron King I enjoyed it I found Ash intriguing, Puck endearing, Grim deliciously mysterious, and the iron fey s origins refreshing I applauded Kagawa for conceptualizing a breed of fey borne of our obsession with technology I noticed obvious similarities between The Iron King and the movie Labyrinth, but they didn t prevent me from appreciating the story as a whole Time passed and friends read the book In their reviews I found references to other works plot points they d come across before in movies, books, and manga and I decided to lower my rating Nevertheless, I still clung to the idea that these c This book is so compelling and exciting So much so that I need to share with you a detailed summary of the plot Hold your breath from now, because I swear it s a roller coaster Short but detailed recap Oh, please.
I m so pissed off right now You don t need a machine gun to kill a fly No, but you d probably need one to kill a Meghan, so I d keep it within reach I m not some squealing cheerleader you have to babysit On this one I agree In comparison, cheerleaders have so much dignity that they could choke on it And then make Meghan choke on it too You know, you ll never know when you ll have another occasion to kill her Why not seize the moment, I say I d come back from the dead for you But why not take her wit 2.
5 I know I would have loved this five years ago Sadly it s not 2013, and these days I demand better love triangle than this one in my stories.
Worst piece of garbage I have read in years.
That s the TL DR version of the review The longer version is a lengthier rant of sorts so strap on, if you re ready You would think the sequel could not get much worse considering the first book had already a bunch of cliches, but somehow just somehow it beats it by far The Iron Daughter is full of predictable twists , there is absolutely no mystery in anything, because everything is so obvious from the moment the first hint comes up, but of course every single character in the book has as much brains as a mouse so for the entirety of the book, you see them bring up important details but conveniently NEVER discuss them again so you always have intelligent conversation that go something like What do we do now I don t know We I wasn t sure if I was going to give it 4 or 5 stars, because this book is very good, but it does has one mayor flaw that I found to be annoying.
Meghan and Ash When you think about it What does she really know about him, besides that he s gorgeous and icy He tried to kill her several times now I don t know but that doesn t exactly scream boyfriend material to me Don t get me wrong, I nearly creamed myself when I read he has a silver stud in his ear Add the billowing coat and I m sold But having those kind of feelings for somebody who is still a stranger smells a little too much like Bella Edward to me To give you an idea of how bad it was sometimes I m into romance and I go aaaawwww and OMG every time a guy in a book does something even remotely cute sweet romantic But there was a part where I laughed out loud This was me being very inappropriate Like laughing at a fun See I have a thing about sequels they either hit the mark or they don t There s no in between point, at least not for me.
And I loved The Iron King s mythology, charcters and plot, so I did have to wonder could Julie Kagawa do that all over again Well,YA Fantasy Fans, she did even What I loved about The Iron King was the mythology the nod to traditional faerie lore and then the completely justified and believable addition of an Iron Court This tilted the familiar power struggle between the Seelie and the Unseelie Courts and created complete chaos It was exhilirating to read through it But now what Well, Julie answered that question She answered it in spades When we last left Meaghan and Ash they were on their way to Ash s home, The Winter Court Not exac

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