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[ Read Online The Ivy (The Ivy, #1) ☆ canterbury-tales PDF ] by Lauren Kunze ò I picked up The Ivy at BEA, and was very happy to have gotten it because it was during one of my mad crazy rush hours of being in 10 lines in an hour The summary sets up the book at a college, which is perfect for me because it s one of my favorite settings to read about This fact alone made it one of the first BEA books I picked up to read, and guess what I really loved it I didn t love it for the same reason I loved Courtney Summer s Some Girls Are excellent character development or Susan Beth Pfeffer s This World We Live In outstanding post disaster world building what you should know, before I go any further, is that books can get a great score from me for very different reasons The Ivy is a great book purely for the entertainment factor.
A good amount of drama, but it wasn t unrealistic I got to love and hate some characters, and the plot really kept me wanting to r Since I got a bit of a kick out of Pretty Little Liars, I thought it would be amusing to read the Ivy League version It was not.
Not only are none of the characters in this story smart enough to make their attending Harvard plausible, you get the impression that the author has not, in fact, ever met a smart person The protagonist s manifestations of intelligence include doing arithmetic in her head and believing that Persuasion is sophomoric compared to Pride and Prejudice, which I don t think is a defensible opinion if you have read them None of the characters study and two of them have declared majors within the first few weeks of freshman year Did the author even attend college Here s a plot twist far better than anything in the story You get to the end and read the author bio and discover that she not on Congratulations You Have Been Admitted To The Most Prestigious University In The World Now What Are You Going To Do Callie Andrews May Not Have Money Or Connections Or The Right Clothes, And She May Have Way Too Many Complications In Her Love Life, What WithGregorythe Guy She Loves To Hate Evanthe Guy She D Love To Forget Clintthe Guy She D Love To Love And Mattthe Guy She Really Should Love All Vying For Her AttentionBut She Has Three Fantastic Roommates Best Friends Or Her Worst Nightmare And A Wholesome California Girl Reputation Oops And Brains And Beauty And Big, Big DreamsWill It Be Enough To Help Her Survive Freshman Year At Harvard I loved The Ivy Honestly, by page 4, I already knew I was going to read this book in one sitting The Ivy is college life, ivy league style everyone rich, famous and geniuses, or some mix of the three, or at least it seems that way Can an average girl survive and find her way at an above average school I adored everything about The Ivy, from the secret societies or Finals Clubs as they are called at Harvard , to the choosing of classes, to the parties with authentic sounding drunken hookups , the friendships, the extracurricular, and even the first use of pot It truly brought back fond and not so fond memories of my less than ivy league college experience.
There was a lot of romantic prospects on the horizon for Callie This felt very real, doing a fantastic job of showing the different ways guys approach dating The book ends with a giant cliffhanger, I ve been dying to read The Ivy ever since I first heard of way back in 09, and I have to say, now that I ve read it, it was well worth the wait No doubt about it To me, The Ivy is like Gossip Girl goes to college meets Lauren Conrad s L.
A Candy series with just a bit substance then both of those reads have combined, which left it to be a mix I absolutely adored The Ivy tells the tale of Callie, a girl who s just about to start her first year at the highly prestigious Harvard University In high school Callie used to be one of the most popular girls there she never had any trouble making friends, getting the good grades, and having all the boys drooling over her, and she expects to collage to be the same way of course Though, as she is soon about to find out, Let me start off by saying thank you to Greenwillow books for sending this to me It was quite a surprise To continue, I also have to state that this type of book, isn t really my forte They are made for a specific audience, the ones that read Gossip Girl, The Clique and watch Jersey Shore and Real House Wives of Insert here The goal of these books is not, in my opinion, to be good It is to be fun Therefore I will be judging it on that quality rather than my own personal feelings.
This book is about rich, WASP teenagers who attend Harvard and do nothing but drink, have sex and compete for social status So, it s Gossip Girl for an older group of people Now, both writers of this book went and graduated from Harvard, so obviously they are not incompetent They wanted to create a book that was hedonistic, shallow and to simply entertain rather than d Well, in my defense I picked this book up during its free kindle giveaway and started reading it while I was in the hospital and wanted something very light And to be fair, I am not this book s intended audience I don t watch Gossip Girl or Housewives or any of the other same theme shows mentioned in so many of these reviews That being said, the book was as light and substance free as you could possibly want a book to be unless, of course, we re talking about mind altering substances First, what I liked I enjoyed this book as a kind of anthropological study In Part 1 of my study, I learned how my midwestern liberal arts college education has exactly zero in common with an Ivy League education, if Kunze s descriptions are to be believed, which seems reasonable I enjoyed the descriptions of the social setting at Harvard, seeing how residence life, social life, and academic life were reall

This is, without a doubt, the worst book I have ever read view spoiler Plot wise, the story is boring and the wonderful protagonist that we re supposed to identify with because she s the nice, humble fish out of water that s earned her way into Harvard without a legacy, actually sucks Sure, she quotes classic literature here and there, but the rest of the time she s a shallow and only has time to think about whichever of the hot guys vying for her affection she is in the current company of Then, she does lousy things to her friends and doesn t even apologize for them, or really even try to discuss them On top of that, she s reduced Harvard and granted, she s attended and I haven t to a series of parties, and it even has Popular kids If this is really how Harvard is, I m glad I went to a nice state school where that High School crap was a thing of the pa It had me for a while Enough to make me feel like an idiot for being engaged for that short time Then I realised that this book was a series of shallow vignettes about getting drunk, laid and and I couldn t find the joy any This is definitely the kind of read that would energise a reader with no expectation other than a cliched protagonist surrounded by stereotypical supporting players that act in stupendously stupid ways I don t know what offended me the depiction of a religious teen as a somewhat zealot or a vastly intelligent, motivated girl performing a succession of brainless acts Actually Harvard should be offended than I am There is a superficial sense of fun and frivolity that surrounds Kunze s storytelling but it is just that superficial Having lived in similar housing during my college years I can tell you there is a grain of truth but to limit her characters Let s start by placing my poised, professional reviewer mode aside and putting on the hat of my other half, that of an aggrieved college aged YA reader In this alternate, blogging and review free world, Steph would say that these sorts of books, these seemingly in depth looks into college life piss her off to no end People getting into Harvard, only to not care about academics at all and instead focus all their time on partying, befriending the right people, and boy drama Are you serious How did you get into that school in the first place I m so exasperated I ll probably throw something against a wall preferably the book and not the laptop upon which I m writing this I hate that these types of books claim to por

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