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Trailer º The Judgment PDF by ↠´ Chart Korbjitti An amazing story coming out from a simple personality of a school janitor in a village tucked in Thailand s outback Fak, is the son of Foo, a carpenter who sought refuge to a temple and live on the monastery s yard in a simple thatched hut Fak grew up to be a novice but decided to disrobe since he couldn t help to see his father worked his butt out.
To sum the story up, Fak is victimized by the society, a little village near a monastery Especially after he s taking care of the deranged Somsong his father s wife after the death of his father.
Set in thick Thailand culture, this bleak novel will bring you to the daily life of Fak and his mind Korbjitti s details to Thailand s psyche amazed me Being a South Asian myself This is the saddest book I ve ever read, and I don t know how to even rate this friggin thing I am completely affected by this book It makes me really angry and really sad, and I hate having all these intensely unpleasant emotions I try to remind myself that it s just a book, it s fiction, it s not real But there are probably tons of real people out there who are like Fak main character , or like these silly villagers, or the friggin school headmaster I ve seen alcoholics before No doubt that someone is living a life similar to Fak s Also, funny that I m reading this in English, when I can read the original Thai But it s for English class in college It s also funny that I would ve had to read it in Thai during High School, if I had t Holy shit but this is a depressing read half way through the book the entanglement I don t have issues with the writing or translation Find both interesting But damn the plot, the character poor poor Fak I wouldn t wish his misfortune on my worst enemy well, yeah, I probably would Maybe I need ordainingWe don t know where we come from From the moment we are born, we have to struggle to survive, and when we die, it s all over We never know where or when we die, and we don t know either where we go after we die We go through life like blind men Now on to the second part the liberation Even with a title like that I m doubtfulI was right to be doubtful This book is a great example to see how a skillful writer can show a character change as a result o

2524 If ever my life turns to the lowest of lows, just think of Fak.
This Is The Story Of A Young Man Who Took As His Wife A Widow Who Was Slightly DerangedFak Is The Humble Janitor Of A Provincial Temple School A Former Novice With The Prospect Of An Outstanding Career As A Monk, He Defrocks To Help His Ageing, Struggling Father While Fak Is In The Army, His Father Takes A Wife When The Old Man Dies, Fak Shares His Hut With The Widow As He Repels Her Advances And Protects Her From A Hostile Community, He Falls Prey To Prejudice And Misunderstandings From His Neighbours, And There Is Nothing He Can Do To Overturn The People S Judgment He Finds Solace In Alcohol, Which Liberates Him By Providing Oblivion

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Trailer º The Judgment PDF by ↠´ Chart Korbjitti He first came to prominence with the publication of his novel Khamphiphaksa The Judgment in 1981 Named as Book of the Year by Thailand s Literature Council, the book won him the S.E.A Write Award 1 He received a second S.E.A Write Award in 1994 for Wela Time 2 He was named a National Artist in Literature in 2004, and was among the honorees of the inaugural Silpathorn Award, given to Tha