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[ Pdf The Last Song È evolution PDF ] by Nicholas Sparks Î I ve read a few Sparks books and for the most part, I ve really enjoyed them from beginning to end However, The Last Song took me quite a while to get into, and I was very close to throwing in the towel and giving up To be honest, I realized I went into reading it with a bad attitudeis ashamedI ll explain my resistance two words one person Miley Cyrus Not a huge fan of hers, so when I started this book, her image and voice resonated in my brain and it matched perfectly with Ronnie s short for Veronica character Coupled with the fact that her attitude at the beginning of the novel was a huge turn off, I was close to calling it quits UNTIL something happened on page 127 Ronnie saved the sea turtles oh sweet nibblets, she had to go and save the sea turtles and my attitude soften and I plowed through the rest of the book in a few short hour I wasn t able to fully appreciate this book the first time I ve read it I thought I should give this novel a chance, thus I read this again to see if I will like this on the second time I didn t like it, but rather I love it I could see myself on Ronnie s shoes at family matters only And how I wish that I have someone like Will in my life too just like Ronnie hahaha When you look at modern Women s Fiction or Chick Lit, as it is called for whatever reason , Nicholas Sparks is one of the few names you cannot turn away from that easily He has written novels than many other authors, most of them have become quite popular, and if you take a look at his Goodreads page, you might realize that thirteen of his novels have than 100,000 ratings There was only one author who I discovered to have novels than Sparks with such an achievement on Goodreads.
It s easy to figure out why people like this novel, and I understand and value all of the raving opinions The concept is pretty interesting, too A teenage girl one step before entering adulthood trying to deal with life and the obstacles thrown at her, her dysfunctional family trying to hold together what hasn t already been shattered, and this gorgeous boy from neighborhood who is so sweet and courte Don t hesitate reading any of Nicholas Sparks books if you are a hopeless romanticRonnie short for Veronica is a troubled seventeen year old Her parents divorced three years ago, and she hasn t spoken to, or seen her father since then When she is forced to spend the summer with her dad in a small beach town in North Carolina, she is soon on the edge of out of control However, over the weeks of the summer, she experiences her first love, and discovers things that change not only her outlook on life, but also her very existence Her transformation from a rebellious, angry teen ager into a responsible, sensitive, adult is heartwarming.
I have always enjoyed Sparks books but we all know that we can only read his books at certain times at least for me because we CRY I have heard about this one because I don t live too terribly far from where it is filmed my great pal Kathryn lives super close and it was taunting me at Target last week I bought it on Thursday, picked it up on Friday night to start reading it, went to bed reading it, picked it back up on Saturday and finished it This is probably my favorite out of all of his books I have read almost all of them and so far, this one takes the cake Ronnie is such a relatable character to me on many levels and the whole first love coming of age story is something that we have all experienced I fell in love with the characters, cried when they cried of course , got mad when they did stupid things, and was r

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comVeronica Ronnie Miller won t be eighteen until the end of the summer, so she has to follow her mom s rules and is off with her younger brother, Jonah, to spend the summer with her dad in a North Carolina beach town Ronnie hasn t talked to her dad in over three years He left New York City and their family and moved back to his hometown Ronnie is rebellious and having been arrested for shoplifting back home, a quiet summer in North Carolina might be the best thing for her At least that s what her mother thinks.
Ronnie arrives with the intention of ignoring her dad On her first night there she wanders the beach and meets a girl, Blaze, who seems okay But Blaze is addicted to Marcus, and Marcus is bad news And Marcus is interested in Ronnie Ronnie can tell Marcus is trouble and tries to Loved this book It was different to the movie and went into detail I loved the ending better than the movie, after such a sad thing that happened I was glad Ronnie and Will get back together.
The Last Song, Nicholas SparksThe Last Song is a 2009 novel by American author Nicholas Sparks The Last Song is Sparks fourteenth published novel fifteenth published book , and was written specifically as the basis for the film adaptation by the same name It was released on September 1, 2009 by Grand Central Publishing The story revolves around the summer of Ronnie Veronica Miller s seventeenth year, during which she is sent to stay with her estranged father Through their shared love of music, the duo reconnect 17 year old Veronica Ronnie Miller is a troubled teenager who is wanting to live her own life and is trying her very best to ignore her divorced parents Kim, her mother with whom she lives in New York, and Steve, her father who lives in his hometown of Wrightsville Beach, NC Her mother decides that it would be in everyone s Is it just me or Milers really look stoned here kidding Amazing book, it s kind of emotional and depressing in the end but still it has a happy ending Ronnie was like a character that I can personally relate to and the dialogues are just humorous It s kinda like predictable but all in all it s really meaningful and highly recommended to all Sparks fans.
Alternate Cover Edition Can Be Found HereSeventeen Year Old Veronica Ronnie Miller S Life Was Turned Upside Down When Her Parents Divorced And Her Father Moved From New York City To Wilmington, North Carolina Three Years Later, She Remains Angry And Alienated From Her Parents, Especially Her Father Until Her Mother Decides It Would Be In Everyone S Best Interest If She Spent The Summer In Wilmington With Him Ronnie S Father, A Former Concert Pianist And Teacher, Is Living A Quiet Life In The Beach Town, Immersed In Creating A Work Of Art That Will Become The Centerpiece Of A Local Church The Tale That Unfolds Is An Unforgettable Story About Love In Its Myriad Forms First Love, The Love Between Parents And Children That Demonstrates, As Only A Nicholas Sparks Novel Can, The Many Ways That Deeply Felt Relationships Can Break Our Hearts And Heal Them

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