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☆ The Last Whale Ä Download by ✓ Chris Pash It never fails that when my five year old borrows a book from his school s library it s about whales or dolphins Feeding the belugas and watching the orcas at Canada s Marineland was the highlight of our family vacation So when I had the opportunity to review The Last Whale by Chris Pash, I was thrilled.
The minute I began reading it, I had flashbacks of the movie Free Willy 3 The Rescue, where whalers illegally hunted killer whales The Last Whale, though, is the incredible story of how whaling came to an end in Australia, the last of the English speaking countries to do so in 1978 The author says he was a pimply reporter at the time 1977 , when activists launched Greenpeace s first direct action in Australia This small group of men and women risked their lives as they daily went out in open dinghies Zodiacs , and became a human shield between the whales and the towering steel ships T I wish I d read The Last Whale before we stayed in Albany

Albany, in the southwest of Western Australia, is one of my favourite places in the world It has a beautiful coastline that lends itself to sheer romanticism, and the fact that it has a history of whaling no doubt plays into that It was also the site of the last whaling station in Australia, closed for both financial and societal reasons at the end of the seventies This book gives quite a balanced view of the people involved in the fight both for and against whaling The people of Albany took a bit of a battering when the whaling station closed down, but funnily enough whaling tourism helped revitalise it.
The one complaint I have about the book, and it is really just one, is that it comes across quite flat in places which is odd considering the amount of passion displayed by people on both sides of the debate.
If you ever get An historical turning point in Australia s whaling industry, chronicled by a local writer who saw the battle play out between conservationists and Albany s staunch whaling community Well done, Chris Pash The successful push to stop whaling led to the formalisation of Greenpeace in Australia.
An excellent story of the work to stop Australian whaling, a part of a worldwide effort Excellently written, the narrative draws one along with suspense natural history and human drama The characters are richly drawn and come alive The vast emptiness of the sea and the immensity of its cetacean dwellers catch the imagination.
Creative non fiction at its best.
I don t normally read this genre and I am so glad that I did I am in awe of The Last Whale, a real eye opener Reading The Last Whale was a history lesson, I had no idea that we here in Australia at one time hunted whales These beautiful creatures of the deep how can anyone want to hurt or destroy themHumpback whaling stopped in 1963 The whales had been overfished to the point of near extinction The whale rolled on its side and peered at Jean Paul Whatever he saw in those eyes, it convinced him he had to stop these creatures being killed by man Jean Paul wanted to speak to the cetaceans, the whales and the dolphins Jean Paul publicly spoke of a new era of cooperation, not exploitation a new relationship between humans, the most highly evolved form of life A well crafted and interesting account of the campaign to end whaling in Australia Pash has gone beyond the stereotypes and looked at the people on both sides people who it seems with the passing of time now stand united in their admiration of whales A good reminder that people usually havein common than they care to admit in the heat of battle At The End Of The S, One Young Reporter Bears Witness To The Final Days Of Australia S Whaling Industry Thirty Years After The Last Whale Was Captured And Slaughtered In Australia, This Incisive Account Tells The Very Human Story Of The Characters And Events That Brought Whaling To An End This Fair And Balanced Account Portrays The Raw Adventure Of Going To Sea, The Perils Of Being A Whaler, And The Commitment That Leads Activists To Throw Themselves Into The Path Of An Explosive Harpoon Accompanied By A Wonderful Photographic Record Of The Time, This Is The Action Packed History Of A Town Reliant On Whaling Dollars Pitted Against A Determined Band Of Protesters Great book, I spent many years taken to the Albany whaling station by my Grandparents I enjoyed both sides of the story, well presented.

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☆ The Last Whale Ä Download by ✓ Chris Pash Reads everything including the back of the cereal packet science fiction La detective genre history biography Chris Pash s creative nonfiction book, The Last Whale, about the Save the Whale campaign in the 1970s, was published by Fremantle Press in October 2008 He also writes the Clich of the Week column for the media section of The Australian newspaper He is currently working on a