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[ Pdf The Lying Game  world-of-darkness PDF ] by Sara Shepard ΠGirl finds her long lost twin, and when she goes to visit her, it turns out that she is murdered The girl is threatened by the killer to pretend she is her long lost twin, so nobody knows she s gone, or else.
Yes, that sounds bad, doesn t it I managed to get myself over that improbable plot, only to find myself annoyed by the improbable choices of our main character So many times I wanted to scream at my book, because she kept making stupid decisions The characters were clich mean rich girl, dull jock, attractive loner, etc And do girls really talk the way they do in this book With al those abbreviations and references to fashion brands or famous people And another thing that annoyed me was the unclear switch between 1st person and 3th person narrative Sorry this r I was absolutely addicted to the television show Pretty Little Liars this past summer So,when I heard the author of the book series the show was based on had a new YA series in the works, I quickly added the new title to my must read list The Lying Game does not disappoint It is filled with just the right amount of suspense, teen angst, and awesome clothes that teens are sure to love Sara Sheperd s latest series follows down on her luck Emma Emma s life in her foster home is unbearable So when she finds out she may have a long lost twin sister who lives in luxury with her wealthy family, she is overjoyed After Sara agrees to meet her lookalike Sutton, she is thrown into a plot largely revolving around lies, a twisted game played by Sutton and her friends, and mistaken identity Sheperd deftly tackles issues such as wealth, foster care I Had A Life Anyone Would Kill ForThen Someone DidThe Worst Part Of Being Dead Is That There S Nothing Left To Live For No Kisses No Secrets No Gossip It S Enough To Kill A Girl All Over Again But I M About To Get Something No One Else Does An Encore Performance, Thanks To Emma, The Long Lost Twin Sister I Never Even Got To MeetNow Emma S Desperate To Know What Happened To Me And The Only Way To Figure It Out Is To Be Me To Slip Into My Old Life And Piece It All Together But Can She Laugh At Inside Jokes With My Best Friends Convince My Boyfriend She S The Girl He Fell In Love With Pretend To Be A Happy, Care Free Daughter When She Hugs My Parents Goodnight And Can She Keep Up The Charade, Even After She Realizes My Murderer Is Watching Her Every Move From Sara Shepard, The New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Pretty Little Liars books, Comes A Riveting New Series About Secrets, Lies, And Killer ConsequencesLet The Lying Game Begin Ok, let me start by saying that I m 21 years old and I started reading this series because I love the show Pretty Little Liars.
Cover The cover is cute with the black background and the accents of pink However, the images of the girls are quite juvenile, which should have been a hint that the book was most likely made for a younger age group.
Characters I felt that the characters were introduced oddly Names were just thrown around without any indication of who they were I have a hard time keeping straight who was who Thayer, Emma , no Laurel It was hard to follow Also, the characters were very one dimensional They were flat and often quite boring.
I really disliked the back and forth between Emma and Sutton Why was Sutton still there She brought nothing to the table.
Suspense The book had its suspenseful parts my favorite was I don t normally read this type of book, but since I received it through a Goodreads giveaway I figured I might as well give it a try That was a mistake This book is like Gossip Girls meets a very bad Law and Order spin off I don t even want to read the sequel And I read three of those horrible Blue Bloods books I had high hopes for this But I should have done my research on the author first Apparently she wrote Pretty Little Liars, which sounds like one of the dumbest things to ever hit television Seriously, how can you compare being a lesbian to wanting to be with your thirty year old teacher But I digress.
I should have known what was in store.
The premise of this novel is that a girl, Sutton, was murdered She finds out that she is a ghost and wakes up in the bathroom next to a girl named Emma My first problem is that she used a prologue My second problem was that she used a cheap way WOW SO GOOD It started off a little slow and it took me some time to get into the story but once it got interesting, I was hooked Even if this is only half as good as the Pretty Little Liars books were, it s going to be amazing I can t wait to read this when it comes out This was my sort of last chance, shot in the dark with Sara Shepard I could not get into Pretty Little Liars at all and it ended up being a Can t finish book So, I wasn t expecting much with this one but something kept nagging at me to try it out.
Shockingly, it has been a stepping stone for walking me out of my reading slump this summer I read it in less than 1 day I haven t gotten into a book in a while, so this was a huge deal to me.
Is this book mind blowingly good No, but it was fun and kept me guessing.
Spoilers I am screaming at that ending All that reading and I know NOTHING AHHH, 2 better give some clear answers or I could see myself loosing interest quickly Emma was a huge book saver for me, along with Ethan Almost all the other characters are shallow, self absorbed and some are just downright mean If Ethan ends up bei

I had high hopes for this one I was in the mood for a fun guilty pleasure, a kind of Veronica Mars meets Gossip Girl Being a twin myself, though not an identical one, I love a good twin switch mystery I was prepared to accept a little stupidity, a few plot holes, for the sake of a fun soap opera.
But The Lying Game disappointed me even by my fairly low standards It just felt so cheap All the characters were flat clich s not in itself a bad thing sure we ve all seen the dumb jock or the sensitive male poet before, but as long as there are a few good quips or some genuine emotion, I can t say stereotyping bothers me too much But, in The Lying Game, there was nothing but these paper thin characters and a paper thin plot Honestly, I should have known not to read this when saw that Shepard had THREE MORE books already planned in this one series Se I m such a sucker for a these types of books I loved this I remember watching the show years ago and when it got cancelled I was so disappointed I m so excited to read this whole series so I can finally know EVERYTHING that happened

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[ Pdf The Lying Game  world-of-darkness PDF ] by Sara Shepard Πizmirescort.pro Sara Shepard graduated from NYU and has an MFA from Brooklyn College She has lived in New York City, Brooklyn, Tucson, Arizona, Philadelphia, and now lives in Pittsburgh, PA Sara s Pretty Little Liars novels were inspired by her upbringing in Philadelphia s Main Line.