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[S.K. Munt] Æ The Marked Ones (The Fairytail Saga, #1) [media-tie-in PDF] Read Online ì Librarian Note Alternative Cover Edition Of Mermaids Have Three Rules To Abide By To Breed, To Protect The Environment, And To Keep Their Existence A Secret, At Any Cost Princess Ivyanne Has Been Saving Herself For An Arranged Marriage That S Never Eventuated Since She Came Of Age, To Best Cultivate Her Unique Bloodline And When The Time Comes For Her To Choose A New Mate, The Mer And Human Worlds Collide As The Race For Her Hand Begins Is it possible to love a book too much I want to hold up a poster and run around telling everyone to read this series, but that would be weird so I ll stick to writing a review about how awesome this series is I rarely ever find a book series where I can come back to it and not be as engrossed into it as the first time, but I ve read this three times now and I love it just as much as the first, the only thing I regret is not finding out about it sooner I loved the writing, the mermaid mythology, the setting and the characters maybe not Lincoln but that s because Tristan outshines everyone and he was standing in the way of the most beautiful ship ever The story is set in Australia, and S.
K Munt s description of the sunny resort really makes me want to go down under the bad errorsThis book was promoted to my by the author, saying it had a new cover and was severely edited I believe I ended up with the old edition, because there were still blatant errors in it of different kinds That alone made me strip one star, because it was annoying and disturbed my reading A LOT I wouldn t be so harsh on that if it hadn t annoyed me so much Apart from that a Tuesday becomes a Saturday and then a Tuesday again Mixing up people Or it was simply phased in a way that it was confusing Another error for the new cover imho is, that the tail is golden when that s not the color of the main character enthrallmentA story usually earns or looses a star as well, if I am not able or easily able to put it as A very easy to read mermaid romance BUT, I hated the ending The ending didn t end, it stopped to be continued I understand that series don t come to a complete end, but this didn t even have one part end and then have threads that take you through to the next It just stops.
This series will become a world wide phenomenon read it now so you can tell your friends you loved it before there are 200 copies on the shelves of K Mart The marked ones will leave you thinking Twi what Kellan who and not Christian Grey but Lincoln Grey Seriously though The marked ones ticked all of my boxes It was beautifully written, heartbreaking but hilariously funny also, full of angst, not one but three gorgeous fellas It s a page turner with twists and turns that will leave you completely torn I cannot wait for the next one We all have fond and not so fond memories of adolescence and those summer crushes The girl at your dad s Army reunion The boy who visited his grandparents next door to you They were there every year and things developed from a simple like to something you dreamed about from the moment autumn breezes began to blow until the time when school was out and the summer really began You saw them every summer until you didn t and wondered where they were and what had happened to keep them away Most of us got over those crushes and relegated them to the fond memories box in the back of our minds.
For some of us though, the emotional wound failed to heal when school started up again and festered inside of us for years afterward The long needed healing would only co omg what can I say amazing book I m glad I have the 2nd book already to go this book has had me suxed I m from the beginning and I just had to keep reading till I finished haven t read a book like that in a very long time I still can t pick a fav but I hope link wins the girl This was my first read to review book and I did not know what to expect I was very pleasantly surprised.
Ivyanne is a mer princess who was incredibly sheltered all of her life As the princess and one of the few full blood mermaids, it is her duty to marry a merman who is worthy enough to be king as well as help her create the purest offspring possible Three men have stepped forward, her best friend, a pain in the ass, and a rather neutral party Having had two previous engagements ending in disaster, Ivyanne is understandable resistant to choose and spends some time on the main land to collect her thoughts and come to a decision Enter, Lincoln, her childhood human love and, instead of a quiet time of reflection, Ivyanne gets to contend with two out of the three suitors vying for her attention and the guilt of keeping her secret from the man she truly loves.
I really enjoyed the world that I LOVED this book Kept me up all night, I refused to put it down until I d finished it Such a great read, I really connected with the characters, the storyline is fantastic and I just want I highly recommend it and I cannot wait for the next installment Ivyanne Court is next in line for the Mer throne She s being pressured to marry to carry on the royal line Feeling trapped, she runs off to the seaside resort of her youth to think things over Should she marry the hottest merman alive, her closest friend or someone who seems to show no interest in her They ve all put their proposals in but she loves none of them To complicate matters the love of her life, Lincoln, is now the owner of the resort The problem He s human and off limits to Ivyanne She s only allowed to marry a Marked One and Lincoln is not one of them She must choose between the best man for her people or the best man for her heart.
This story grasped me from the start I have yet to read a Mer story and Munt s plot is intricate and well thought out Fantastic story of creation and history of the Mer people.
Munt has a way of making to die for

S.K. Munt

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