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Õ The Mountain City Bronzes Ü Download by Õ Madeleine McLaughlin From the first sentence this short story had me hooked The autor skillfully unravels tragic events, filled with intrigue and drama What s behind the always locked door The whole time a lingering suspicion strings the reader along in a very effective, engrossing way until Kevin s father opens up A fascinating story reflecting on farthan the long hidden secret I highly recommend it.
I found the description of this book to be very vague but it is hard to describe any without giving away too much That being said, I do think it should be made clear that this is a very short story it took me about 10 minutes to read and would perhaps be better as part of a collection of short stories rather than as a book on it s own.
The main character is very well formed and you can really get into his head, but the story is a little predictable Other reviewers mentioned they found it scary and from that I was expecting a horror story, but I actually find it quite mild.
Overall The Mountain City Bronzes is an enjoyable, if short, read I give it 4 out of 5.
Disclaimer I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.
When Kevin Learns Of His Mountain Town S Evil Past, He Must Struggle To Understand His Father S Part In It And How It Affects HimselfThe Jail Was A Great Refuge In June, But Even In The Winter, I Found It Pleasant To Play In There Was So Much Fun Imagining The Structure When It Was Full, Back In The Gold Rush I Could Almost Hear The Walls And Floors Resounding To The Voices Of The Thousands Of Lawless Men That Lived Back Then In The Large, Empty Vastness Of Our Jail, I Loved Pretending I Needed To Find Escape RoutesOne Day After Tromping Through The Halls For An Hour, I Found A Locked DoorWhy Is It Shut Tight What Is Behind That Door Predictable and mucha short story than a book.
I always think authors of short stories have to nail it in the first sentence and author Madeleine McLaughlin proves the point She creates an immediately compelling question that the reader wants an answer to What is behind the door I very much like the way she takes the innocence of childhood and contrasts it with the dark past of his town and the secret the adults are trying to keep hidden.
It may be short, but The Mountain City Bronzes punches well above it s weight Mix together part House of Wax with part The Lottery by Shirley Jackson, and you get something kinda like The Mountain City Bronzes, a short story that feels a lot like one of those classic short stories written in the early to mid 20th century This ebook was well written, the characters displayed in the almost distant feel of short stories of the past century, where a great deal is left to the reader s imagination in regards to character connection Which isn t a bad thing.
A solid 3 out of 5 Stars.
Thank you, Ms McLaughlin, for an interesting hour.
I m starting to develop a real appreciation for good short fiction and The Mountain City Bronzes is definitely good There is a secret that is being kept and a young boy is eager to know what it is It is a simple storyline but there is so much to be gleamed from the words that I found myself thinking about it for a few days afterwards I would really love to see what the author Madeleine McLaughlin would do with a longer story.

I was surprised with this story It started out okay, and then when the past of the small town was revealed, it took the story to a darker placewhich I greatly enjoyed.
As I suggested, I wasn t expecting the story to lead where it did The author hints that the town has a troubled past, all along, yet I didn t think it would be as intense as it was.
I think it was a great story, just enough character development and an interesting real world horror element for a quick read.
Reviewed by Crew member, Alana.
Wow, Ms McLaughlin grabbed from the first page The tale told from a man s point of view as he looks back at his life is scary and quick For once the punishment fit the crime I can t wait to read other works by this author.

Madeleine McLaughlin

Õ The Mountain City Bronzes Ü Download by Õ Madeleine McLaughlin Although I was born in the great white north, in 1958, I grew up in the south, five minutes away from the USA border, in White Rock, BC.I had tremendous fun on the beach and in the ocean Not so much fun climbing up the hill to school every day I vowed that when I grew up, I would live somewhere flat So here I am in Ottawa, Ontario.My other interests are window shopping, genealogy and walking, s