Download Epub Format å The Thousand Year Curse (Curse Books, #1) PDF by É Taylor Lavati

Download Epub Format å The Thousand Year Curse (Curse Books, #1) PDF by É Taylor Lavati An exciting new YA fantasy series that combines Greek mythology with sparkling teenage romanceWe are brought up being told tales of love and triumph I was brought up being told that there is always a happily ever after, but what if there isn t this curse is my faultBeing a teenager is tough and 17 year old Ryder faces all kinds of challenges, including bullying and slightly unusually being a cursed half Goddess After the first month of senior year she faces dilemmas such as having two boyfriends, as well as having to confront Hades in the underworld Ryder delves head first into a Godly world as her Knight s fight to seek her approval, whilst testing her best friend s loyalties and true intentionsThe thousand year curseis a spectacular YA novel full of magic and mythology, targeted towards the older reader as it does cont I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Such an amazing book I loved every minute of it from start to end it keeps you on the edge of your seat I could not stop reading because I wanted to know what was going to happen next Such a wonderful story can t wait to find out what happens next I m the author so obviously I love it.
5 stars Ryder aka Eurydice just wants to live a normal life and go to high school and be accepted by those around her Little did she know she was a reincarnation of the real Eurydice from Greek mythology and is in a hot and steamy love triangle with Ollie and Ari also from Greek mythology Now she wants to try and break the thousand year old curse from hades so the past doesn t keep haunting her The high school setting is spot on and I found the class schedule to be interesting We didn t have different lunch times and classes like the author was describing but that would have been interesting The author did a good job of building a believable setting and atmosphere for a teenager Eurydice was not a strong enough main character in my opinion, especially not to have two This review can be found on my blog The Mis Adventures of a Twenty Something Year Old Girl towards the end of September.
When I first found out about this book, I was very interested I couldn t wait to read it Luckily, it totally delivered.
Ryder is a 17 year old high school student who isn t very popular Her ex best friend makes her life a living hell at school When Ollie arrives, he takes an immediate interest Ryder is thrilled and feels as if Ollie is her soul mate Not much later, Ari turns up, and Ryder can t help but feel as if she s known him There s also some kind of attraction there Ryder must choose between the two boys As if that wasn t hard enough, Ryder has just found out her mother is a Greek goddess Ryder wants to find her mother but doing so may put everyone in danger.
The title is definitely int awesome read could not put down received as a gift to read and review and love it can t wait to see where the crew goes next Alternate Cover Edition ISBN Being A Teenager Isn T All Fun And Games For Seventeen Year Old Ryder After Being Thrown Down The Social Hierarchy, Ryder Mason Has One Goal For Her Senior Year Survive Within The First Month Of School, Ryder Goes From Bullied Teen To A Cursed Half Goddess With Two Boyfriends As If That Wasn T Enough, She Travels Into The Underworld To Confront Hades About The Curse And Her Missing Mother Ryder Delves Head First Into A Godly World As Her Two Knights Fight To Seek Her Approval, Her Best Friend S Loyalties Are Tested And People S True Intentions Are Shown In The First Curse books Novel The Thousand Year Curse Taylor LavatiHigh school tends to be a challenge at times but to one 17 year old girl named Ryder each day is nightmare waiting to happen With no one to protect her at times she is the subject of ridicule of a girl named Becca and her minions At times all Ryder wants to do is runaway or hide Surviving her senior year might be her goal but that is just the tip of what some might say the iceberg when you hear the rest Sometimes things happen for a reason and the people we meet might change the course or direction of our lives What would you do if you found out that you were half human and half goddess What would you do if you learned that after living 500 years your powers will co The Thousand Year Curse by Taylor Lavati ARC Dani s rating 4 starsThis review can also be found at s Review Before I say anything about my opinion of this novel, I would like to make a few points 1 This is a SELF PUBLISHED novel 2 This is a DEBUT novel 3 The author is very, very young to be publishing a book 4 She wrote this novel for the NaNoWriMo writing contest For those of you who don t know what it is, it is a challenge to write a full length 50,000 novel in only 30 days during the month of November 5 I am basing my review off of an ARC copy The final copy is most likely better than the copy I read.
Let s all give a round of applause to Taylor for her achievements I enjoyed The Thousand Year Curse, but some parts of it disappointed me The plot structure, character development, and Greek mythology concepts were great, but it didn t have that special sparkle The cake was t So, I kind of really enjoyed this book I was supposed to read it months ago, but as mentioned, my e reader gave up the ghost It then became a struggle to find a new reader and recontact all the author s who gave me copies of their books for reviews Taylor Lavati was one She contacted me a couple of weeks ago letting me know part 2 of her The Curse series I reminded her that I did not have a chance to finish part I, so she resent it in a format I can read.
I am so glad she did This is a first book from a young, up and coming, author She has a gift, a knack in writing I cannot wait to read book II For a first time author, Taylor has me intrigued She has me captured and eager to find out about the lives of her characters She is a strong author when it comes to character buiding and detailing She has done phenomenal research to assist in h

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