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Trailer ✓ Three Rings (The Fairytail Saga, #2) PDF by ✓ S.K. Munt There Is Blood In The WaterA Dream Can Become A Nightmare In A Matter Of Moments, And Ivyanne Court Is Living Proof Of This She Thought Choosing Between Three Potential Husbands She Was Indifferent To Was The Worst Thing That Could Happen To Her, But She Was So Very Wrong Choosing Between Two She Cares Deeply For Is That Much Worse Especially When There S A Chance That One Moment Of Irresponsibility Has Already Predetermined Her Future Hands Tied, Heart Bound, Still Mourning The Loss Of Her Best Friend, Ivyanne Cannot Believe That Having Her Unspoken Wish Granted Could Cause So Much Misery Among Those Closest To Her The Mers Are No Longer Looking To The Queen For Guidance, Or The Princess For Her Decision But The Moon, For They Believe That What It Reveals As It Wanes Will Illuminate Ivyanne S Path, Whether She Agrees, Or Not, For As Tides Sculpt The Sand, The Moon Shapes Their KingdomBut Is It That Simple Is A Heart Divided, Merely A Heart In Denial In The Distance, Hidden In Shadow But Forever Watching, Someone Thinks It Is Someone Is Convinced That The Princess Has Created Conflict In Her Heart, And Will Find Resolution Only By Stepping Into His Arms Instead But He Knows She Will Not Listen To Him And A Quest Begins, A Journey From The Great Barrier Reef To The Antarctic Ocean, Seeking Allies To Assist Him, Creating Division Within The Kingdom For The First Time In One Thousand Years He Believes That The Moon S Power Is Dwarfed By His Own, And If The Princess Can T Find A Way To Rule The Men She Thinks That She Loves Out Of Her Heart, That He Is Going To Take Them Out Of Her Life Any Way He Can His Whole Life, Other People Have Drawn The Lines In The Sand, But Now, He Is Carving His Own, Deep Enough To Draw BloodThree Rings Sees A Shift In The Mer Way Of Thinking, But For A Kingdom That Was Previously The Pinnacle Of Perfection, This Will Be A Jarring Lesson To Learn And Will Resonate From The Community They Have Claimed As Their Own, To The Furthest Reaches Of The Mediterranean, Drawing Fresh Souls To Seaview, Fresh Jealousies, Fresh Insecurities, And Fresh Wounds For What Lies Beneath Is Power Previously Unimagined, And One Man Is About To Bend It To His WillThis Is Book Of A Trilogy Get ready to be rockedThis series is amazing If you can t put aside fantastic turn arounds that if using logic just doesn t work, don t read this book If you truly love fantasy this book has it Tragedy, secrets and a totally deranged villain The way the secrets are revealed gives a dose wtf I am disappointed in Ivyanne She still is not certain who she wants Link is coming into his own And Tristan is so Tristan Ardhi is well so psychotic that it hurts my brain.
Can t Wait to see What happens Next 4.
5 stars if you want to get technical I don t post spoilers in my reviews because I want people to read them and be interested in the book I don t want to ruin it for them which has been done for me If on a rare occasion I post a spoiler it will be in tags or with a warning first.
The cover is perfect The only thing that would have been cool is if the 3 different rings were on the cover at the bottom would love to have a visual The Characters are great They are so well described that I feel i know them and can see them I must say that I love Bane, he s great and I hope to see of him in book 3 The story starts off.
crap I have to actually go back and look because the end is so explosive that I have forgotten where this book started LOL ahh that s right, the twist at the beginning really was good The I read the I want to drown Link and his arrogance an Oh my gosh This book is incredible.
the Fairytail Saga is amazing I love the first book and I didn t think it was possible that the story could get any better but I was wrong I could hardly put this book down.
I needed to see where the story was headed The deceit, the betrayal,the action, the violence.
it all kept me on the edge of my seat I have to jump right into the next book This author is amazingthis is definately movie material Once again I was totally hooked after the first paragraph I stayed up ill 3 am this morning and finished this book because I just COULDN T put it down For such a detailed complex story it s so easy to follow and the anticipation just kept building with every chapter I was totally transported into the world of the mermaids and than once I found myself holding my breath or clutching my hand over my mouth in shock Loved it and can t recommend it highly enough I wish there were bonus stars available to present this book a huge sparkling gold star fire crackers a 50 piece orchestra or my heart on a chain I didn t think any story could beat the first instalment of this saga but then.
Three rings comes along and blows my mind Twists and turns at every corner, heartbreak and laughter had me glued to my kindle till the wee hours of the night but I had to force myself to put it down because I just couldn t bare the thought of the story being over too soon and becoming closer to an agonising wait until book 3 Hurry up October This 3rd book in the complete fairytail saga was as good as the others with lots of action and twists There s deceit, betrayal, heartbreak and violence I was team Tristan at the end of the last book and that definitely hasn t changed I like Lincoln than I did but not enough to switch teams And Arhdi is the perfect villain who certainly makes things interesting A fantastic read and I m looking forward to the next book in the series.
Book 2 in The Fairytail saga is not for the faint of heart The ocean is awash with everyone s true colours and Ivyanne Court is going to rue the day she stepped foot onto the golden sands of Seaview and brought horror and heartbreak along with her.
It is without a doubt that S.
K Munt is a master story teller Hot on the heels of her acclaimed debut novel, The Marked Ones, comes Three Rings which is guaranteed to take readers through an emotional wringer.
Things have changed on Bracken Island Ivyanne has brought home not one but two suitors for the hand of the Princess There was a third suitor but everyone thought he had died in order to bring Lincoln Grey, Ivyanne s adolescent sweetheart, into the world of the Mer That suitor would be Ardhi, Ivyanne s childhood friend who is a mystic that rare sort of Mer who can amongst other things turn humans into Mer and live to tell the tale His intentions were to take out Tristan Loveridge, give Lincoln to Ivyanne and die in the process, etching his memory forever in her heart As it turns out, everyone including Ardhi was wr This is the sequel to the Marked Ones I was nervous that it would pale in comparison to the first book, but I was surprised how interesting the plot was becoming The love triangle was a great plot line, but the side plots, the twists and the characters made it an enjoyable read.

S.K. Munt

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