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Trailer Ë Throne of Glass PDF by ✓ Sarah J. Maas Sorry, but it looks like I ve been excited for NOTHING After enticing me with its promises of a reading experience reminiscent of Megan Whalen Turner and George R.
R Martin, Throne of Glass ultimately let me down Having been excited for this novel for weeks and actually liking the sample I read, I have been brought back to earth now with a jolt This YA fantasy is a rather sorry example of its genre.
I have the notion that a big part of this book did not work for me because of its heroine Celeana is smart, athletic, talented and beautiful She loves music and reading She is fluent in different languages She is great And she knows it And rubs it in your face repeatedly As do her suitors and admirers I had the feel First cover Yeah, don t I look badass in this Wait, hold on, does my hair and makeup look okay I think I need to pose like this, so I look all strong and tough Second cover Fuck off or I ll end you I still stand by my opinions on the covers I never liked the first cover, and am infinitely grateful that they changed them for the sequels But as far as how Celaena herself is I would say she s a bit of both I feel like these covers portray two very different extremes, and Celaena seemed to possess a quality from each of them That s actually what I loved about her She s fast becoming one of my all time favorite YA heroines.
I ll admit that a long while ago, I hadn t expected the book to be this good But as soon as I read the prequels, I fell in love, and I definitely have high hopes for this series.
This Is A Previously Published Edition Of ISBN After Serving Out A Year Of Hard Labor In The Salt Mines Of Endovier For Her Crimes,Year Old Assassin Celaena Sardothien Is Dragged Before The Crown Prince Prince Dorian Offers Her Her Freedom On One Condition She Must Act As His Champion In A Competition To Find A New Royal AssassinHer Opponents Are Men Thieves And Assassins And Warriors From Across The Empire, Each Sponsored By A Member Of The King S Council If She Beats Her Opponents In A Series Of Eliminations, She Ll Serve The Kingdom For Four Years And Then Be Granted Her Freedom Celaena Finds Her Training Sessions With The Captain Of The Guard, Westfall, Challenging And Exhilarating But She S Bored Stiff By Court Life Things Get A Little Interesting When The Prince Starts To Show Interest In Her But It S The Gruff Captain Westfall Who Seems To Understand Her BestThen One Of The Other Contestants Turns Up Dead Quickly Followed By Another Can Celaena Figure Out Who The Killer Is Before She Becomes A Victim As The Young Assassin Investigates, Her Search Leads Her To Discover A Greater Destiny Than She Could Possibly Have Imagined DNF 35%Meet Celaena She s the world s best assassin Or so we re told She s very, very talented Very talented And famous She s also really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, takes a deep breath really pretty It was true that she had been attractive once, beautiful even.
She looked at her rags and stained skin, and she couldn t suppress the twinge of shame What a miserable state for a girl of former beauty But it was her golden hair that caught the attention of most, hair that still maintained a glimmer of its glory In short, Celaena Sardothien was blessed with a handful of attractive features that compensated for the majority of average ones and, by early adolescence, she d discovered that with the help of cosm 3.
5 4 stars I CAN T DECIDE JUST YET I decided to reread this book, as I am about to continue on with the series, finally I did really enjoy this the second time round, but found myself a littlecritical of a few things I will be doing a full video review of this soon, so look forward toof my thoughts then Caleana Sardothien, young woman assassin, is betrayed and sentenced to the salt mines of Endovier After a year, however, she is given an opportunity If she wins a contest to become the king s champion, she will be granted a four year contract, working as an assassin for the empire she hates, at the end of which time she will be freed After reading the premise of the book, I thought, Sign me up After the first chapter, I knew I was in good hands This book has plenty of mystery, magic, humor and romance a perfect brew for fans of good YA fantasy If you liked Graceling, Grave Mercy, Shadow and Bone or other fantasies featuring strong female protagonists with scary good skills, I think you ll enjoy this quite a lot And it s the first of a series WHAT I WAS EXPECTING I DID IT OMFFFFFFG THIS BOOKWAS JUSTSOF GOOD What is even going on, how did i not read this sooner I am now onto Crown Of Midnight and DYING LOVE LOVE LOVEI FINALLY read IT PEOPLE SO HAPPY

Once again, it seems like I m in the minority for this book because I didn t like it It s such a shame too because I d heard a lot of good stuff about it Oh well, maybe it s just meor maybe because this book just plain sucks.
Let s start off with our protagonist, Celaena who s thegreatest assassin in the world Okay, I m cool with that But it d be nice if she could actually prove it because from what I ve seen, she s once hell of a crappy assassin People walk in and out of her room all the time when she s sleeping and she just keeps on snoring Hello, aren t you supposed to spring awake like a ninja and hold a knife to that person s throat That s what I expect from someone who just left a death camp Instead I get this.
The real clincher is what I call the Candy Incident There s a bag of candy left on Calaena s bed with no note or anything This is during the period where a murderer is g Want to be updated on everything Throne of Glass Visit the Throne of Glass fansite CELAENA be all like Leaving me like Let me just clear things up People are rating this book low because they don t like Celaena, saying she s arrogant or self centred or over confident, first of all, if Celaena were a guy, you d be head over heels for her But she s a girl and now her story is being over looked because, instead of drowning in self pity, she decides to stand up, throw her hair over her shoulder and say screw the world, I m gonna survive I admire her for not letting her time in Endovier break her How many books have you read with an author spending a dominant part of the plot trying to pry away the pity in the heart of her damaged characters, yeah, that s right, almost every time They re usually so engrossed with whatever they did or whatever they went through, they bury themse

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Trailer Ë Throne of Glass PDF by ✓ Sarah J. Maas Sarah J Maas is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Throne of Glass series Queen of Shadows, Book 4, will be out in September 2015 , as well as the A Court of Thorns and Roses series out 5 5 15.Sarah lives in Bucks County, PA, and over the years, she has developed an unhealthy appreciation for Disney movies and bad pop music She adores fairy tales and ballet, drinks too