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Ê Read è Tilting Our Plates to Catch the Light by Cyril Wong ☆ A groundbreaking volume of poetry The title suggests how the humblest of acts can be enlightening and the poems inTilting Our Plates to Catch the Lightwork through two clefs The bass clef relates to mortal earth and the treble clef to mythological time Two narratives exist together, the life of two male lovers and the the loving actions of the main Hindu gods Each of the ten titled poems takes its title from a musical term, specifically the act of singing Music enters Cyril Wong s poetry in this volume at two levels the literal, where a reader hears melopoeia the metaphoric, where music relates to time and states of existence.
In this work, the lovers are described, not characterised, and exist as moods in a musical composition Time is a key theme of love poetry and this volume in particular where seven of the sections rela Time can wait a moment longer One of the great poetry books I have read this year Cyril Wong is the master of broken hearted in the Southeast Asia.
A lyrical story of two lovers found and lost or rather, in the process of losing intertwined with the myth of Shiva falling in love with Vishnu as Mohini It flows so easily, I read it on one bus ride.

Framed by the progression of illicit lust between two Gods, there are continual shifts between the dangerous and the erotic Love the way the structure of the collection creates an enchantingly sensual atmosphere to deal with issues like the beginnings and deaths of relationships.
love s invisible thread slackening, then jerking taut again, trembling to a delicate hum your tongue drawing circles around my loneliness Words packed with feelings splash in bright puddles of silence We are only aspects of a single being and no matter who I love, or who I am loved by, we are but folded back into the same origami sea.
There is a third lover It is to be a m nage trois The doctor s words were a needle weaving its thread of fear We wash our plates, tilting them to catch the light I touch your arm now to draw you back into the present, to remind you that the music is still beautiful Profoundly moving not many things can elicit a gasp and tear, but this did.
This is a refreshing step up from Unmarked Treasure all the words here belong together, even as they change slightly like Vishnu to Mohini and back again Like variations in the orchestra of his life, the persona articulates the delicate balance between love and death in the shadow of what must be HIV Although this collection is clearly personal, Cyril just about avoids the navel gazing brand of confessional poetry through his experiments with the form of the poetry collection.
The straightforward cadences and lilts of the words of Cyril s free verse belie the structured way they have been arranged Mythology, in italics, introduces one act of the collection, which is also referred to as a musical tempo The last lines of poems repeat in admittedly clunky caps on the next page My edition of Tilting prefers to split longer poems into half, p I had thought this to be a book of collected poems as is typically so with such works and was not expecting a narrative unfolding about love, disease and death A painful read simply for the emotions it stirs The title comes from a line in the book that creates a transcendent moment in a mundane act of dishwashing I wish there werelines like that.
Cyril Wong S Latest Collection Of Poems Brings Into Play His Background In Music Reminiscent Of A Concerto, An Orchestra Is Invoked By Poems That Celebrate The Lives Of Lovers Distant And Near, While A Single Narrative Arises Like A Solo Instrument Amidst Their Chords, Often Blurring A Distinction Between The Universal And The ParticularThis Narrative Is A Love Story That Pierces Through The Shadow Of The Inevitable, Accompanied By Dreams And A Reinterpretation Of The Myth Of Shiva And Mohini, The Fascinating Female Incarnation Of VishnuInterwoven With The Motifs Of Time And Death, These Poems Segue Into Each Other Like Movements In A Symphony, Singing Of Equal Parts Tragedy And Joy I don t even know how to express how much I love this collection Please just read it Devour it This has to be my favourite book of poems by a Singaporean poet Layered and spiritual yet domestic and heartbreakingly tender and deeply in touch with one s mortality This isn t just a gay love story , it s a love story marred by society and running poignantly out of time.

Cyril Wong

Ê Read è Tilting Our Plates to Catch the Light by Cyril Wong ☆ izmirescort.pro Cyril Wong is the Singapore Literature Prize winning author of a dozen collections of poetry, including Unmarked Treasure 2004 , Tilting Our Plates to Catch the Light 2007 , The Dictator s Eyebrow 2013 , After You 2014 and The Lover s Inventory 2015 His novel, The Last Lesson of Mrs de Souza 2013 , and short story collection, Ten Things My Father Never Taught Me and Other Stories 2014 ,