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[ Read Online Trashed ↠´ computer-science PDF ] by Paloma Meir í Celena S Kept Her Dark Mind A Secret, But Wrong Her, And She Ll Paint You In Black And RedCelena, A Girl Haunted By Her Destructive Past, Moves To The Hollywood Hills With Her Family Her Parents Claim The Relocation Is For The Sunshine The Truth Which They Don T Talk About Their Daughter S Reckless Abuse Of Others She Doesn T Regret Her Actions But Knows She Ll End Up In Real Trouble If She Continues Her Dark Manipulations She Vows To Keep Herself In Check, But Struggles To Keep The Promise Celena Thinks She Might Be A Sociopath And Searches Online For The Truth About Herself She Knows Something Isn T Right, And The Coldness Inside Terrifies Her Serge, A Boy At Her School, Falls Hard For Her And She Returns His Love A New World Opens Up To Her, But Will She Be Able To Handle A Relationship She Plots Revenge As Her Mind Twists Inside Of Her, Wrecking Her Than She Could Ever Hurt Serge And His Friends And She Hurts His Friends Very Badly Trashed Is A Dark Coming Of Age Standalone Novel Themes Mental Illness, Bipolar Disorder, Sociopathy, Loyalty, Friendship, True Love, Sexual Situations, Some Coarse Language Some of my favorite movies are about sociopathic teenage girls Pretty Persuasion, Cruel Intentions, etc , so this book was right up my alley The book begins with our protagonist Celena starting up school in Los Angeles after her family s uprooting from their life in Seattle due to some malicious act on Celena s part Celena believes herself to be a sociopath, but is technically along the lines of bipolar The story gets going when she enters a relationship with an intelligent but equally troubled in his own way peer of hers, and reaches its climax in the way she finds herself entangled with his friends This is as much a story of her finding a path to mental health as it is a saucy teen romance The way her illness is treated in the text is, I believe, sensitive, and the research that went into her treatme

Trashed provides a unique insight into the mind of a deeply troubled young woman and the ways in which she affects the world around her It is a deeply introspective read from the point of view of Celena, who is reflecting on her youth Celena seems to enjoy manipulating and even hurting others and often muses over whether she is a sociopath or not, although it soon becomes clear that she appears to be suffering from a mental disorder What I found most fascinating about this read is that it is from the point of view of a mentally ill person, which is not something you see portrayed so realistically in fiction The author manages to capture the disturbed thought processes and actions really well and in doing so provides a raw, honest pic Although this book lived up to what I was expecting and hoping it to be, there was so much unexpectedness and I mean that in the best way possible Celena is a high school girl struggling to cope with the sociopathic nature she has come to identify herself with She sees her peers as little than manipulations until Serge comes into her life and sends her spiraling down a path she questions constantly As a psychology major, I was pretty much enthralled with her thoughts and couldn t be happier that the story was told in her point of view to see the innermost workings of her troubled mind I really enjoyed the characterization in Trashed, and I found Brendan to be a fascinating addition to the swirling mix of emotions that Celena had to deal with I w

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[ Read Online Trashed ↠´ computer-science PDF ] by Paloma Meir í izmirescort.pro Paloma Meir lives with her family in Los Angeles She loves her family, writing books, reading books, and dresses.