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ô Unchained Melody (Kissed By A Muse, #1) Æ Download by ↠´ S.K. Munt Overall this was a decent story, however I just could not get past the ridiculous love triangle and how absurd it was I can understand love triangles to an extent and most of the time end up being OK with them because in the end the main character chooses one and then they get to live happily ever after Well, not in this case I personally would have preferred to have it end with the soul mates living happily ever after I won t provide names as I do not want to give away spoilers However, I do appreciate the author s story itself and liked the idea of a story about Muses, as they are not common place in this genre I definitely liked the fresh idea for the storyline I also enjoyed the author s writing style, it definitely kept me engaged, I just did not like the ext Remember when the musicCame from wooden boxes strung with silver wireAnd as we sang the words, it would set our minds on fire,For we believed in things, and so we d sing.
Remember when the musicWas a rock that we could cling to so we d not despair,And as we sang we knew we d hear an echo fill the airWe d be smiling then, we would smile again.
Oh all the times I ve listened, and all the times I ve heardAll the melodies I m missing, and all the magic words,And all those potent voices, and the choices we had then,How I d love to find we had that kind of choice again.
Harry ChapinThere is a Top 40 phenomena known as the One Hit Wonder a band or singer who made a meteoric rise to the top of the charts with a song that winds up on everyo It S Not Easy Being An Adopted, Astraphobic Ballet Dancer From Canada, Trying To Make Friends In A New Country, But When Eight Year Old Callie Clay Saved The Boy At The Gorge On Her First Day In Horizon, She Scored Two Best Friends, A Red Baseball Cap, And A Reputation For Being A Risk Taking Weirdo Eight Years Later, Hunter And Ryan Had Been Given Pamphlets On What To Do When They Started Noticing Girls, But Nothing Could Have Prepared Them For The Changes That Came Over Their Tomboy Friend And So They Handled It As Hormonal Teenage Boys Do Badly One Moment, They Were A Band On The Precipice Of Their First Big Gig And The Next, Callie Is Having A Nervous Breakdown And Running Naked Into The Eye Of Cyclone Addison When Callie Returns, She S No Longer The Girl Next Door But A Goddess With One Purpose To Shatter One Of The Hearts Of The Men She S Forbidden To Love, By Using The Other For The Sake Of The Harmony, And To Save Her Own AssGo Back To When The Music Defined Lives, The Butterflies Of First Love Consumed Every Thought And Brace Yourself For A Ride To Oblivion And Back Passion, Anguish, Sex, Drugs And Rock N Roll Unchained Melody Is An Epic Paranormal Romance Served With A Pair Of Doc Martens And A Trip Down Melody Lane Contains Some Very Adult Themes Full review posted at www.
com WOW I don t even know where to start with this review I feel like I have just been whacked across the head with an S.
K Munt shaped piece of wood Hello book hangover, nice to see you again, it s been a while The story starts out simply but turns many revealing corners along the way I don t want to give away too much of the story because I truly think it s one of those stories that s best to go into blind It s not easy being an adopted, astraphobic ballet dancer from Canada, trying to make friends in a new country, but when eight year old Callie Clay saved the boy at the gorge on her first day in Horizon, she scored two best friends, a red baseball cap, and a reputation for being a risk taking weirdo Eight years later, Hunter and Ryan had been given pamphlets on what to do when they started noticing girls, b I fell in love with the characters in this book I really don t want to give anything away, but this book messed with my emotions, made me smile, hug myself in joy, and sob uncontrollably Wonderful, and heartbreaking all at once.
OK I had a really hard time debating whether this book was 4 or 5 stars so I ll have to break some of my thoughts down for you Part I AMAZING I absolutely loved the character development in this book and I could not put this down for a moment The dynamic between the trio was great and well thought out The author kept throwing me for loops which made me completely clueless as to how this story was actually going to go The love triangle was also completely heart wrenching and this is no Edward Jacob scenarioyou seriously cannot choose one over the other I was a little worried it would be a YA threesome bookPart II Huh OK I have to admit this is where this book started to throw me a bit Ally has this phobia of storms and after the steamy scene in the shedall of a sudden she is some version of Olympus Enter Ar This book is simply divine but honestly I didn t expect any less This authors books are an auto buy for me Callie s story starts out in the 90 s Being a teenager in this era myself I felt like someone had hit the rewind button and I was reminiscing my own youth complete with music references I was constantly holding one hand on my heart and crooning ooh, I loved that song Of course in my youth I wasn t blessed with the company of TWO hot as hell male best friends who also happen to be extremely talented musicians, experts in the art of flirting and crazy in love with me And so, my own youth was easily forgotten as I lost myself in Callie s world As the story progresses and things begin to heat up quite literally fans self Callie realises that breaking one guys heart isn t the hardest thing in life she has to face and his heart isn t the first or last heart broken in this story Th

Honest review I cannot find anything to dis in this whole stand alone novel It is so refreshing to read an enthralling, nail biting, make you laugh, cry damn near rip your husbands short off the minute he gets home in the hopes that Ryan or Hunter suddenly materialize someone randomly hits play on tragic kingdom somewhere loud enough for you to hear it I was hooked by the adventurous near death experience by page 4 from there I swear someone write my teen years down, omitting the raunchy 3 way I was epically too shy to jump into at that age But damn it, my darling husband would like to shake the authors hand for ensuring he had a God like experience in the bedroom because of this books existence, the music, the raunch, the Updated with final review I have written this review TWICE Both times, I get almost to the end, and it gets erased First by a power flash, then by an accidental click on my part I shall try to do it again, but later I might break my computer if I somehow lose it a third time tonight.
Love this book This is my third attempt to write a review for this book original, imaginative, and sexy, with an amazing paranormal aspect and a gut wrenching twist at the end.
Sweet Zombie Bob, this is one of the best books I ve read all year Callie is a cool chick She is a badass from the very beginning, at 8 years old Hunter and Ryan both have some typical stupid boy moments, but they both love Callie, and they are both good guys.
And they re in a rock band A good one The book shows three main different aspects of their lives An unconventional coming of age paranormal romance story full of music, dance, and the magic of both Canandian import Callie finds herself the new girl in the Aussie world A frightening stunt forges an unyielding bond with best friends, Hunter and Ryan Everything changes as they grow up when hormones threaten to interfere with how they see each other.
All my book friends know I m a sucker for romance read that includes a dance, or music element Is it any surprised that a book featuring BOTH has won my heart This is a hard review to write because this book had a few surprise elements that are hard to go into without spoiling I will say the paranormal aspect is very original, and I expect you to be surprised by the eventual reveal My only real gripe was so much of this storyline happens during the high school years I personally a

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