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[Melissa de la Cruz] Ì Witches of East End [software PDF] Ebook Epub Download æ Another disappointment Witches of East End cinched that I am officially in a book slump Packed full of aloof and unrealistic characters along with a hazy and murky plot attempt, I trudged through Witches of East End, nearly forcing myself to turn each page The author s tone was snooty and the characters behavior was childlike and paired with the young adult writing style it made the adult actions of the characters almost indecent, even though in a well written adult novel it would be normal Melissa de la Cruz should have stuck to young adult since it seemed almost painful to drop the young adult tone.
Witches of East End is the tale of the Beauchamp women, the mother Joanna and her daughters Freya and Ingrid The women live in a town call North Hampton, which is some how hidden Actual rating 2.
5 starsLet me start off by admitting that I ve never read anything else by Melissa de la Cruz, except her short story in The Eternal Kiss anthology, which I remember being decent enough I expected to like this adult debut than I did, especially when I see the good reviews it s getting elsewhere I wonder, was I just really cranky when I read this Why was I hyper aware of every time de la Cruz used the phrase for lack of a better word , or dismissive of the entire paragraph she spends floridly describing Freya s breasts, or critical of the fact that she chooses to use words like lugubrious and pulchritude in the early pages of a narrative that s otherwise written at a median YA level Why was I so critical of her writing in general Is it because I expected out of an adult novel Wait, I just answered my own question From The Author Of The Highly Addictive And Bestselling Blue Bloods Series, With Almost Million Copies Sold, Comes A New Novel, Melissa De La Cruz S First For Adults, Featuring A Family Of Formidable And Beguiling WitchesThe Three Beauchamp Women Joanna And Her Daughters Freya And Ingrid Live In North Hampton, Out On The Tip Of Long Island Their Beautiful, Mist Shrouded Town Seems Almost Stuck In Time, And All Three Women Lead Seemingly Quiet, Uneventful Existences But They Are Harboring A Mighty Secret They Are Powerful Witches Banned From Using Their Magic Joanna Can Resurrect People From The Dead And Heal The Most Serious Of Injuries Ingrid, Her Bookish Daughter, Has The Ability To Predict The Future And Weave Knots That Can Solve Anything From Infertility To Infidelity And Finally, There S Freya, The Wild Child, Who Has A Charm Or A Potion That Can Cure Most Any HeartacheFor Centuries, All Three Women Have Been Forced To Suppress Their Abilities But Then Freya, Who Is About To Get Married To The Wealthy And Mysterious Bran Gardiner, Finds That Her Increasingly Complicated Romantic Life Makes It Difficult Than Ever To Hide Her Secret Soon Ingrid And Joanna Confront Similar Dilemmas, And The Beauchamp Women Realize They Can No Longer Conceal Their True Selves They Unearth Their Wands From The Attic, Dust Off Their Broomsticks, And Begin Casting Spells On The Townspeople It All Seems Like A Bit Of Good Natured, Innocent Magic, But Then Mysterious, Violent Attacks Begin To Plague The Town When A Young Girl Disappears Over The Fourth Of July Weekend, They Realize It S Time To Uncover Who And What Dark Forces Are Working Against ThemWith A Brand New Cast Of Characters, A Fascinating And Fresh World To Discover, And A Few Surprise Appearances From Some Of The Blue Blood Fan Favorites, This Is A Page Turning, Deliciously Fun, Magical Summer read Fraught With Love Affairs, Witchcraft, And An Unforgettable Battle Between Good And Evil Joanna lives in North Hampton with her two daughters, Ingrid and Freya Everything is good except that Joanna and her daughters are witches Freya is engaged to Bran Gardiner Ingrid has no man but she does have her eyes on the sexy, detective, Matt Noble The women have been banned from using their powers Of course, there is only so long that a witch can go without using her powers Slowly the three women start using their powers Strange things start happening around town When all signs point to Joanna and her daughters, they will have to band together or there could be another witch burning.
I tried Mrs de La Cruz s Blue Blood series before Of course, I jumped into the middle of the series, which I should no Actual rating 3.
5Witches of East End is a cliched witch story It has the same formulation with other witch novels out there wherein the sexy witches are banned to use magic and forced to live with people as mundane as possible yet didn t happen at all, as usual But, the thing is, it has a good storyline and well written pace It has the kind of enticing mystery and compelling vibe that will definitely urge you to turn the pages and read And those are enough to compromise to the cliche ness of the book.
Actually, this is my first time I ve read a Melissa de la Cruz s I am not interested with her vampire novels but this one is what I am eyeing in bookstores for a long time When I saw this book is on sale for only 30Php, almost 1, I didn t hesitate to grab the freaking book And that moment didn t turn into du Well, my expectations were not very high for this book but it was thoroughly enjoyable This is the first book on the Beauchamp family and focuses on two witch sisters, Ingrid and Freya and their witch mother, Joannna I consider it a nice light read and a nice change from dystopian YA fiction If your up on your Norse mythology, it will also come in handy in the last section of the book So glad that I also purchased the second book because we are left with quite the cliff hanger in the epilogue I will say that things happen very fast in the book especially in the latter half and I did find myself occasionally having to re read a paragraph or an entire chapter to keep track of what was going on I did find it a little humorous that these ladies had gone many centuries without practicing their magic and then all of a sudden BAM , they start doling out all kinds I had to write a review for this book based primarily on the fact that there are so many bad reviews out there on it and it almost dissuaded me from reading it This book is great please give it a try dont be dissusaded by the bad reviews because they are completely unfounded If you enjoy this type of genre witches,magic, paranormal then you will love this book As all new series are it takes a little time to get the background story but once you get into it you wont want to stop My personal favorite was Freya becuase I love the romance and love triangle type aspects that are a part of so many books these days Its my guilty pleasure and the chapters from Freyas point of few are full of all of that and Each chapter alternates from the three different perspectives of the three Beauchamp witches The whole time you are r

Melissa de la Cruz knows how to write a good series especially for TV I LOVED Witches of East End series and I was pretty upset when they cancelled the series I love all the Beauchamp women but I got to say Freya was my favorite I really wanted her to end up with Killian Gardiner I bought this book way before the TV series aired, but I decided to start reading it now Because I keep wondering what happened with uptight Ingrid, with caty Wendy, with the bittersweet life of Joanna.
I read the novella first and now I ll dive in with the story Let s see how it goes I LOVED this book so much though it s a bit different from the TV series, aunt Wendy does not exist Review posted on Fafa s Book Corner Beware spoilers ahead Last year I read Triple Moon And I was surprised that I enjoyed it So I decided to read the previous series that featured some of the side characters I am very happy to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book The book begins with a prologue Bill and Maura Thatcher are walking along a beach During their nightly walk they run into their neighbor Joanna Beauchamp They say hello But she merely replies coldly that there s nothing to see Bill finds this very odd But then again Joanna is odd The prologue ends mentioning that there are immortals amongst them You are then taken to the first chapter In which it is Freya s engagement party Freya while happy about her engagement to Bran Gardiner is very nervous Her sister Ingrid checks on her and Freya pretends to be fine Apparentl Apparently this is my day for cranky reviews DNF, no rating.
It starts off with an overwritten, precious description of the mythical town of North Hampton, Long Island, then proceeds to describe one of the heroines, Freya, who has the cheekbones of a model without being gauche enough to be model thin all over, as is demonstrated by her ample bosom Shortly after that lovely introduction, we see Freya go into the closet for a quickie with her fiance s brother at their engagement party.
I m sure that all gets explained in a way so that Freya still comes out a perfectly perfect princess, but I m really not in the mood for that nonsense On the plus side, the Norse mythology aspect has prompted me to re read Shelly Laurenston s Hunting Season.
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[Melissa de la Cruz] Ì Witches of East End [software PDF] Ebook Epub Download æ izmirescort.pro Melissa de la Cruz is the New York Times and USA Today best selling author of many critically acclaimed and award winning novels for teens including The Au Pairs series, the Blue Bloods series, the Ashleys series, the Angels on Sunset Boulevard series and the semi autobiographical novel Fresh off the Boat.Her books for adults include the novel Cat s Meow, the anthology Girls Who Like Boys Who Like